an Emotional day in Texas

Wendy Stanley and I are in Texas at the main Gladney campus. We are here seeing and supporting a number of China families who are attending Pathways training.  I have gotten to meet so many people that I spoken with on the Phone.  There is one mom who has made me cry like six times.  The sweetest thing is, I have held their children in many cases.  Some of these families are not matched but I am enjoying getting to know them and now can put a face to a name.

Something else special happened yesterday.  Erin Martin was driving through Ft Worth.  She was able to stop and have dinner with us and meet all the families.  This is the first time I have seen Erin Since China.  I was so happy to see her. We do talk on the phone frequently but this was special.

Here are some pictures from Thursday.

     I cant tell you all what it means to all of us, Wendy, Erin and I to be here and to have some time with our great families.   Now on to Pathways day 2.


Travel Day!!!

Wendy Stanley and I traveled to Texas today.  We are here for a special reason!  We have quite a number of our families attending Pathways training.  We also received new profiles today.  It has been quite a day. We are so excited to visit and spend time with our families.  We have spoken with so many of you over the past several months.  It truly is a day to celebrate.

 More Pictures tomorrow!

We have found our Families!!!!!

These two girls are from the same place so and we put their information up on Rainbow kids at the same time so I thought that we should announce together.

Ding Ding Ding....

We have found our families!!!!!!!!  We are so happy for the families and for the girls.  Yeah!

Girls you are so cool! We cant wait till you are in your Mom and Dads arms!

We are celebrating with YaYa and JieJie!!!!!

Sharing the Amazing News!

We could not resist sharing this news!  This Amazing Wonderful boy will have a family.  Do you all remember we advocated for him here on the Blog?  And every reader helped raise awareness.

 He has watched younger children be adopted for years.  He has seen adoptive families come to his orphanage and greeted them at the gate.  And watched as they left with their children.  Well now he gets his turn.  Yes, Holden will have a family and a name of his parents choosing.  He will be loved and cared for and have a future full of possibilities.

So on his behalf we can celebrate! Ding Ding Ding!!!!!!

I Have Found my Family! 

Spoiler alert!!!

Guess what friends,  Guess who is going to Texas?  For families visiting Pathways training next week, you will have guests from the NYC office.  Wendy Stanley who is the director of Social services for the Asia program and I will visit Texas for the upcoming Pathways training.  WE can't wait to meet our China families in person and spend some time with you. We are also excited to meet the Gladney families from other programs.  So looking forward to it!

Additionally I wanted to share that Rainbow kids founder Martha Osborne will be attending our Chinese New Year celebration in NYC.  Yeah!!   So excited to see her.  Don't forget to register.  Please Register by January 31 at Chinese new years in NYC  Hope to see you there too!

So Why the Fish?  Well this is by the entrance to Yu Gardens and I have learned that fish are a sign of prosperity for the new year.

Texas here we come!!!  Wish it was China!


I Have Found My Family

Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!!!  Yes, we are at it again. Horns blaring, singing, happiness.  Guess who has found their family?  A sweet wonderful BOY!! That is so cause for celebration.  This guy beat the odds of being a boy.  We are so happy for this sweetie and his family.  YEAH!!!

So.......  Hugs Brandon!!!

You Rock! 

 Boys Rock!!!

All any waiting child needs to become a Son or Daughter is LOVE!!!

Boys Rock!!!

Ok Superkids friends, in matching meeting today we were talking about who has been matched from out trip.  Files continue to come in.  Quite a few will be in the next batch.  Currently we will continue to celebrate some matches we missed publicly ringing the bell for but I wanted to share that we have matched so many less boys than girls.

I find this heart breaking.  These kids are amazing and I tell their stories and no one feels called.  We want our boys to get homes too!   So remember Boys Rock!  You as potential adoptive parents have the ability to help a waiting child become a forever son!  All it takes is Love!

Here are some of our Boys who still wait!

Hua Hua is a two-year old boy who cries big tears when he is sad. He loves to be pushed on the ride-on car but cries when you stop. Hua Hua has limb differences in both his hands and feet. The differences in his limbs don’t slow him down at all. He is too cute. He carries heavy objects and walks well. He is a serious boy who needs a forever family to dry his tears and love him for who he is. Could he be your son?

Wei Wei has a smile that lights up the room.  His giggle does that as well.  He turned two years old in June.  He loved playing with Bouncy balls when the Superkids team visited him.  He held his caregivers hand but ventured off easily to play.  He looks too cute in overalls.  Wei Wei's need is anal agensis and spina bifida occulta.  He had surgery to repair his imperforate anus.  Wei Wei is as sweet as he is cute.  Could he be your son?

XiongXiong is a  nine year old boy with a sweet, round face and sparkling eyes.  His special need is epilepsy.  He is a very descriptive boy and uses lots of words to convey what he means.  He enjoys outside play and enjoys watching Journey into the West.  His favorite character on the show is the Monkey King.  He really liked playing soccer with the Superkids team.  Could he be your son?

Billy turned six in September and he is a smart, sweet boy.  He came to meet the Superkids team with a friend.  He and his friend, Bea, held hands at times when they were in our play area. This melted the heart of everyone in the room.  Billy's special need is limb differences in both hands and one foot.   He is smart and used lots of word to express himself.  He even recited a poem for us.  His favorite animal is a Panda and his favorite color is yellow.  Could he be your son?

BoBo is an adorable little boy who is described as happily sucking his thumbs. He laughs when tickled. His special need is bilateral ear atresia with hearing impairment. He can walk well and likes a toy rattle. He expresses himself by crying or laughing. He can make several sounds and laughs when tickled. He is a sweet boy who needs a family to love him.  Could he be your Son?

Rong Rong is a sweet boy who is adored by his caregivers. He is a very curious boy. He can crawl on the floor and walks with hands held. His special need is spina bifida for which he had surgery. The orphanage reports that his feet do turn in and he is receiving physical therapy for this at the orphanage. He enjoys playing with toys and wants to be the one holding the most toys. Rong Rong is described by his caregivers as a smart determined little guy. He needs a forever family to love him.  Could he be your son?

Samuel is a beautiful boy who enjoys painting.  He also likes to dance to music videos.  He was able to teach himself to do this by watching MTV videos in spite of the fact he cannot hear the music.  Samuel's special need is being deaf and mute.  He communicates by using his eyes and through gestures.  He does not know traditional sign language( either ASL or the Chinese equivalent).  He is proud of his school work and shared that with the Superkids team.  This boy is waiting for a family to love him.  Could he be your son?

Austin has a big personality.  It is hard to imagine he is deaf mute because his communication is so good. He told us he wanted a turn with the ipad, he wanted his picture taken.  He told us he has a best friend. Austin came in with his friend and showed us by giving him a hug.  Austin is cool.  full of personality and life.  Austin is persistent, open, happy and loving.  He is saying in so many ways, "I matter, Pick Me, I rock".  Could this boy who is bigger than life be your son?

Every one of these boys is sweet, Busy, Happy, Playful, Huggable.  Gender is just another difference that makes us special.  Surely it is more important who they are as individuals, as children than their gender. 
These Boys Rock and they are waiting for families!
Want more information?  contact me at

An Invitation

We are approaching Chinese New Year.  I would like to issue an invitation to join the Gladney team at our New Years party in New York!   This is not just a Gladney party.  It is for our friends, family, adoption supporters.  I would love for all my internet and blog friends to Join us and to meet you in person. Gladney rocks! Superkids rocks, China Adoption rocks!!!  Come celebrate New Years with Us!

The Gladney Center for Adoption
Invites You to Our Annual

Chinese New Year Party!

February 9, 2014
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Jing Fong Restaurant
20 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10013

$36.00 ages 10 and up
$16.00 ages 5 to 9
$6.00 children 4 and under

Please Register by January 31 at
Questions? Contact Amy Lee via

Join the Festivities!
Chinese Banquet
Traditional Entertainment
Arts & Crafts
Raffle to Benefit Superkids Charity

Family Friday!!

I met this sweet boy in China before his Mom found him.  She and Louis live in Australia and we keep in touch.  As the final post on our series about adopting a child with Albanism, She agreed to share her story. Interestingly She is a pediatric Speech Pathoogist and we hope she will be able to join Superkids for a trip to China at some point.  Thank you Ant, for sharing your Journey!!!


This is Louis. He is adorable (perhaps I am a bit bias?!), highly sociable, surprisingly extroverted and a favorite with almost everyone he meets.

 He is also very busy, strong willed and determined. This determination has served him well
developmentally and will continue to do so.

I adopted Louis in July 2012 when he was just over 2 ½ years . He was tiny and developmentally delayed.
He has made an amazing progress over the past year. Louis attends the Association
for the Blind (ABWA) where he receives wonderful Occupational and Speech Therapy and
Psychology input. He has also attended their playgroup and 3 year old kindy program. Louis loves
everything to do with ABWA. He sees a developmental pediatrician 6 monthly for monitoring, Ophthalmologist yearly and Dermatologist yearly. He has not required any medical interventions. He
goes to mainstream daycare and will go to mainstream kindy (with an aide) next year.

Our day to day life is much the same as for any 3-4 year old. Living in Perth, Australia we need to be careful of his skin.  All that really involves is slapping on some Sunscreen, putting on a hat and Sunglasses(Sunnies). All of Which would be standard for a child in Australia. We avoid spending time outside when the UV rating is high.

Louis is like a little sponge. He loves to learn and has the most amazing memory. He is already 
reading and writing (all by memory).  He loves his IPad.

He loves playing outside. And he loves Swimming.

He loves cars

Louis has enriched my entire family’s life! He has been entirely accepted by everyone he has met.  We have people stare (out of curiosity I think) and a couple of unpleasant comments but generally people are curious. Australians don’t hold back. They ask if they’re curious. I am open about Louis’ Albinism and adoption. Most often people then start chatting about their experiences with both.

I feel very blessed to have this precious little fellow in my life. Never a day goes by when I don’t think
“Aren’t you just the most gorgeous little fellow?!”

If you want to ask about adopting a child with Albanism we have many advocates willing to relate their experiences. Email me for further information 

Urgent Advocacy for a Sweet Boy

This boy's story was brought to me by a Mom who adopted a child with Albanism.  I met her son in China and I continue to follow how they are doing.  You will see two great stories later in the week from Mom's of Children with Albanism.  We are doing a series over on the Asia Waiting Child blog on this special need. Click here to see more.  This boys story touched my heart and he has only a short time to be adopted.  He will age out in June.

Holden is a sweet 13 year old boy who desires a family. He belongs to that special group of children who are self-advocaters.  He is standing up and saying I matter.  "Would someone love me, Please?"  How can we do nothing when this boy is asking and needs our help.  This boy greets families at the orphanage gate when they come to adopt other children.  Younger children!  When if ever will his turn come?  His file was only made available in December but he needs someone to step forward soon or Holden can never be adopted. In China you must be adopted before your 14th birthday. His special need is Albanism.  

Here is some information about Holden.  He is described by his caregivers as cheerful and optimistic.  They say" he knows how to help others".  He often helps care for the other children.  Holden has been met many adoptive families that are willing to speak about Holden.

If you want more information reach out to me at and I will help you get the file or contacts for information.  Each child has a story to be written.  Holden is doing his best to change his story,  we must step forward and help him.  As an adoption community, it is our moment to step up and make a difference for this beautiful boy.  If you cannot adopt Holden please share about him on facebook, on your blogs and to everyone you know.  Everyone can do something! Wouldn't it be wonderful for this boy to have a forever family!    

Family Friday

Today a special Mom ,Karen, shares the story of adopting her beautiful daughter Julia.  Superkids met Julia on a trip to China in 2011.  She is smart and so full of Love and Life.  You can see just by looking at her pictures, She is always one step ahead of Everyone!   This is a very timely post because this week on the Asia waiting child blog we are exploring the need of limb difference.  You can read more about children with limb difference by clicking HERE It really shows us what an amazing Journey adoption is. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story Karen!  

Long, long before adoption was even on our radar, and without even realizing it, I was being prepared to be Julia’s mom.  I was a teacher, and one year I had an amazing boy in my class who had been born with the absence of his left forearm and hand.  This limb difference didn't slow him down one bit!  In fact, he could type faster than the other students in the computer lab, and he was right in the middle of all the games at recess.  The fact that he had one arm shorter than the other didn't define him at all!  He was known for his fun personality, his kindness, and his determination.

Fast forward fifteen years to September of 2010.  Our children were starting 5th and 2nd grade, and I realized that my role as their mom was evolving a bit.  Their needs were different from when they were babies and preschoolers, and I found myself with a lot of extra time.  I started looking into options like volunteer opportunities and part-time jobs.  I had heard that a good starting point for determining what you are supposed to do is to pinpoint what you really enjoy doing and start exploring from there. When it came right down to it, I realized the thing I really enjoyed most was being a mom!  I think God used that awareness to start opening my heart to the idea of adoption.  Years earlier my husband had mentioned adoption to me but I was quick to dismiss it because I felt like my hands were full at the time.  Through a series of conversations with a dear friend who had previously adopted and was in the process again, many of my questions were answered, and Barry and I started praying about adding to our family through adoption.

We saw our daughter’s face in May of 2011, while looking on  When I clicked on her picture and read about her, it said that she had, “Absence of left forearm and hand”. That “special need” was familiar to me and I didn’t feel intimidated by it at all!  Could it be that God had placed that little boy in my life all those years earlier knowing that I would one day parent this child? We filled out the waiting child questionnaire, and a few weeks later the committee offered us the chance to be matched with “Ya Ya” who would become Julia to us.  Suddenly the cost and the amount of paperwork, while incredibly daunting, seemed somewhat inconsequential in comparison to the urgency we felt to get to her and to bring her home.  There is a great feeling of unrest when your heart is tied to someone who is literally on the other side of the world!

That November, Pat Marcus with Superkids Charity visited with the children at the Shanghai Children’s Home and she was able to spend time with Julia.  What a gift it was when she returned and had many pictures of our daughter!  She spent nearly an hour on the phone telling us about Julia and the place where she lived.  She answered my questions and reassured me of her observations of the care that the children were receiving.  It was a treasured conversation that I reflected on often during the months of waiting for our paperwork to be processed.
We met Julia on June 11, 2012.  What an exciting time!  We spent a wonderful two weeks in China with her, and it seemed like she had always been with us.  She’s been home a year and a half now, and we can’t imagine life without her.  She has added so much fun to our family, and we’re constantly inspired by her sense of determination and creativity. 

Julia is not defined by the absence of her left forearm and hand.  She is known as an incredibly silly girl with a ready smile and a wonderful laugh!  She makes an impression on everyone who meets her, and she is quick to share a hug.  She values her friends and family and shows it by her excited reactions whenever she sees one of us.  She started kindergarten this year and was chosen (out of 650 children) as the drama student of the month for September.  Nothing could be more accurate!

We are delighted to be Julia’s parents and can hardly believe the blessings that adoption has brought to our family!  If you have extra love in your hearts to give, would you consider adopting a waiting child?  Those words say it all- they are children who are literally just waiting for a mom and dad to find them and treasure them.  There really are not enough words to express the difference that adoption can make, not only in the child’s life, but in yours as well!

If you would like to talk about adopting a child with Limb difference, feel free to contact me