Boys Rock!!!

Ok Superkids friends, in matching meeting today we were talking about who has been matched from out trip.  Files continue to come in.  Quite a few will be in the next batch.  Currently we will continue to celebrate some matches we missed publicly ringing the bell for but I wanted to share that we have matched so many less boys than girls.

I find this heart breaking.  These kids are amazing and I tell their stories and no one feels called.  We want our boys to get homes too!   So remember Boys Rock!  You as potential adoptive parents have the ability to help a waiting child become a forever son!  All it takes is Love!

Here are some of our Boys who still wait!

Hua Hua is a two-year old boy who cries big tears when he is sad. He loves to be pushed on the ride-on car but cries when you stop. Hua Hua has limb differences in both his hands and feet. The differences in his limbs don’t slow him down at all. He is too cute. He carries heavy objects and walks well. He is a serious boy who needs a forever family to dry his tears and love him for who he is. Could he be your son?

Wei Wei has a smile that lights up the room.  His giggle does that as well.  He turned two years old in June.  He loved playing with Bouncy balls when the Superkids team visited him.  He held his caregivers hand but ventured off easily to play.  He looks too cute in overalls.  Wei Wei's need is anal agensis and spina bifida occulta.  He had surgery to repair his imperforate anus.  Wei Wei is as sweet as he is cute.  Could he be your son?

XiongXiong is a  nine year old boy with a sweet, round face and sparkling eyes.  His special need is epilepsy.  He is a very descriptive boy and uses lots of words to convey what he means.  He enjoys outside play and enjoys watching Journey into the West.  His favorite character on the show is the Monkey King.  He really liked playing soccer with the Superkids team.  Could he be your son?

Billy turned six in September and he is a smart, sweet boy.  He came to meet the Superkids team with a friend.  He and his friend, Bea, held hands at times when they were in our play area. This melted the heart of everyone in the room.  Billy's special need is limb differences in both hands and one foot.   He is smart and used lots of word to express himself.  He even recited a poem for us.  His favorite animal is a Panda and his favorite color is yellow.  Could he be your son?

BoBo is an adorable little boy who is described as happily sucking his thumbs. He laughs when tickled. His special need is bilateral ear atresia with hearing impairment. He can walk well and likes a toy rattle. He expresses himself by crying or laughing. He can make several sounds and laughs when tickled. He is a sweet boy who needs a family to love him.  Could he be your Son?

Rong Rong is a sweet boy who is adored by his caregivers. He is a very curious boy. He can crawl on the floor and walks with hands held. His special need is spina bifida for which he had surgery. The orphanage reports that his feet do turn in and he is receiving physical therapy for this at the orphanage. He enjoys playing with toys and wants to be the one holding the most toys. Rong Rong is described by his caregivers as a smart determined little guy. He needs a forever family to love him.  Could he be your son?

Samuel is a beautiful boy who enjoys painting.  He also likes to dance to music videos.  He was able to teach himself to do this by watching MTV videos in spite of the fact he cannot hear the music.  Samuel's special need is being deaf and mute.  He communicates by using his eyes and through gestures.  He does not know traditional sign language( either ASL or the Chinese equivalent).  He is proud of his school work and shared that with the Superkids team.  This boy is waiting for a family to love him.  Could he be your son?

Austin has a big personality.  It is hard to imagine he is deaf mute because his communication is so good. He told us he wanted a turn with the ipad, he wanted his picture taken.  He told us he has a best friend. Austin came in with his friend and showed us by giving him a hug.  Austin is cool.  full of personality and life.  Austin is persistent, open, happy and loving.  He is saying in so many ways, "I matter, Pick Me, I rock".  Could this boy who is bigger than life be your son?

Every one of these boys is sweet, Busy, Happy, Playful, Huggable.  Gender is just another difference that makes us special.  Surely it is more important who they are as individuals, as children than their gender. 
These Boys Rock and they are waiting for families!
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