Family Friday

Today a special Mom ,Karen, shares the story of adopting her beautiful daughter Julia.  Superkids met Julia on a trip to China in 2011.  She is smart and so full of Love and Life.  You can see just by looking at her pictures, She is always one step ahead of Everyone!   This is a very timely post because this week on the Asia waiting child blog we are exploring the need of limb difference.  You can read more about children with limb difference by clicking HERE It really shows us what an amazing Journey adoption is. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story Karen!  

Long, long before adoption was even on our radar, and without even realizing it, I was being prepared to be Julia’s mom.  I was a teacher, and one year I had an amazing boy in my class who had been born with the absence of his left forearm and hand.  This limb difference didn't slow him down one bit!  In fact, he could type faster than the other students in the computer lab, and he was right in the middle of all the games at recess.  The fact that he had one arm shorter than the other didn't define him at all!  He was known for his fun personality, his kindness, and his determination.

Fast forward fifteen years to September of 2010.  Our children were starting 5th and 2nd grade, and I realized that my role as their mom was evolving a bit.  Their needs were different from when they were babies and preschoolers, and I found myself with a lot of extra time.  I started looking into options like volunteer opportunities and part-time jobs.  I had heard that a good starting point for determining what you are supposed to do is to pinpoint what you really enjoy doing and start exploring from there. When it came right down to it, I realized the thing I really enjoyed most was being a mom!  I think God used that awareness to start opening my heart to the idea of adoption.  Years earlier my husband had mentioned adoption to me but I was quick to dismiss it because I felt like my hands were full at the time.  Through a series of conversations with a dear friend who had previously adopted and was in the process again, many of my questions were answered, and Barry and I started praying about adding to our family through adoption.

We saw our daughter’s face in May of 2011, while looking on  When I clicked on her picture and read about her, it said that she had, “Absence of left forearm and hand”. That “special need” was familiar to me and I didn’t feel intimidated by it at all!  Could it be that God had placed that little boy in my life all those years earlier knowing that I would one day parent this child? We filled out the waiting child questionnaire, and a few weeks later the committee offered us the chance to be matched with “Ya Ya” who would become Julia to us.  Suddenly the cost and the amount of paperwork, while incredibly daunting, seemed somewhat inconsequential in comparison to the urgency we felt to get to her and to bring her home.  There is a great feeling of unrest when your heart is tied to someone who is literally on the other side of the world!

That November, Pat Marcus with Superkids Charity visited with the children at the Shanghai Children’s Home and she was able to spend time with Julia.  What a gift it was when she returned and had many pictures of our daughter!  She spent nearly an hour on the phone telling us about Julia and the place where she lived.  She answered my questions and reassured me of her observations of the care that the children were receiving.  It was a treasured conversation that I reflected on often during the months of waiting for our paperwork to be processed.
We met Julia on June 11, 2012.  What an exciting time!  We spent a wonderful two weeks in China with her, and it seemed like she had always been with us.  She’s been home a year and a half now, and we can’t imagine life without her.  She has added so much fun to our family, and we’re constantly inspired by her sense of determination and creativity. 

Julia is not defined by the absence of her left forearm and hand.  She is known as an incredibly silly girl with a ready smile and a wonderful laugh!  She makes an impression on everyone who meets her, and she is quick to share a hug.  She values her friends and family and shows it by her excited reactions whenever she sees one of us.  She started kindergarten this year and was chosen (out of 650 children) as the drama student of the month for September.  Nothing could be more accurate!

We are delighted to be Julia’s parents and can hardly believe the blessings that adoption has brought to our family!  If you have extra love in your hearts to give, would you consider adopting a waiting child?  Those words say it all- they are children who are literally just waiting for a mom and dad to find them and treasure them.  There really are not enough words to express the difference that adoption can make, not only in the child’s life, but in yours as well!

If you would like to talk about adopting a child with Limb difference, feel free to contact me