Family Friday!!

I met this sweet boy in China before his Mom found him.  She and Louis live in Australia and we keep in touch.  As the final post on our series about adopting a child with Albanism, She agreed to share her story. Interestingly She is a pediatric Speech Pathoogist and we hope she will be able to join Superkids for a trip to China at some point.  Thank you Ant, for sharing your Journey!!!


This is Louis. He is adorable (perhaps I am a bit bias?!), highly sociable, surprisingly extroverted and a favorite with almost everyone he meets.

 He is also very busy, strong willed and determined. This determination has served him well
developmentally and will continue to do so.

I adopted Louis in July 2012 when he was just over 2 ½ years . He was tiny and developmentally delayed.
He has made an amazing progress over the past year. Louis attends the Association
for the Blind (ABWA) where he receives wonderful Occupational and Speech Therapy and
Psychology input. He has also attended their playgroup and 3 year old kindy program. Louis loves
everything to do with ABWA. He sees a developmental pediatrician 6 monthly for monitoring, Ophthalmologist yearly and Dermatologist yearly. He has not required any medical interventions. He
goes to mainstream daycare and will go to mainstream kindy (with an aide) next year.

Our day to day life is much the same as for any 3-4 year old. Living in Perth, Australia we need to be careful of his skin.  All that really involves is slapping on some Sunscreen, putting on a hat and Sunglasses(Sunnies). All of Which would be standard for a child in Australia. We avoid spending time outside when the UV rating is high.

Louis is like a little sponge. He loves to learn and has the most amazing memory. He is already 
reading and writing (all by memory).  He loves his IPad.

He loves playing outside. And he loves Swimming.

He loves cars

Louis has enriched my entire family’s life! He has been entirely accepted by everyone he has met.  We have people stare (out of curiosity I think) and a couple of unpleasant comments but generally people are curious. Australians don’t hold back. They ask if they’re curious. I am open about Louis’ Albinism and adoption. Most often people then start chatting about their experiences with both.

I feel very blessed to have this precious little fellow in my life. Never a day goes by when I don’t think
“Aren’t you just the most gorgeous little fellow?!”

If you want to ask about adopting a child with Albanism we have many advocates willing to relate their experiences. Email me for further information