Spoiler alert!!!

Guess what friends,  Guess who is going to Texas?  For families visiting Pathways training next week, you will have guests from the NYC office.  Wendy Stanley who is the director of Social services for the Asia program and I will visit Texas for the upcoming Pathways training.  WE can't wait to meet our China families in person and spend some time with you. We are also excited to meet the Gladney families from other programs.  So looking forward to it!

Additionally I wanted to share that Rainbow kids founder Martha Osborne will be attending our Chinese New Year celebration in NYC.  Yeah!!   So excited to see her.  Don't forget to register.  Please Register by January 31 at Chinese new years in NYC  Hope to see you there too!

So Why the Fish?  Well this is by the entrance to Yu Gardens and I have learned that fish are a sign of prosperity for the new year.

Texas here we come!!!  Wish it was China!