Advocacy with a twist!

So over on the site we have been advocating for children with burns this week.  We all rejoiced and celebrated when Alex from our waiting child list found his family.  We want every child with this special need to find their forever family.  We hope Anthony will find his forever family too! You can read more about him here.  Interestingly when I posted his picture in the advocacy groups one of his friends who was already adopted came forward and said he was nice and wanted a family.  I love this advocacy where one person starts and others pass it on.  Our power is so much greater as a community acting for these kids.

I am posting Anthony's picture here so you can all remember him.  Now here in lies the twist.  For a special need that is hard to place, I reach out to other agency's, advocacy groups etc.  Do they have anyone who has this need they would like help advocating for.  This time we only found one child that anyone brought up. I reached out to the advocate and she was happy to supply info but all pics needed to be behind a password protected site.  Hmm!!  How do you advocate without a picture. Well here goes.  Lets figure this out together.  These kids are too important to let something like this limit what we as a community can do for these children.

I am going to share what I do know.  You can read the post here .  You will need to be a site member to view his post.  Cory is 13 years old and has burn scars on his head and face. he has two other special needs and you can read more about that in his post.  He was doing so well in orphanage school, that he now goes to public school.  He is super smart and sweet and dreams of having a family of his own.  We want that for Cory too!

So here is the twist on advocacy.  Please share this and pass along to your friends. Its not such a big deal to fill out a form and get into a site.  This boy is totally worth it.   This advocacy is harder because you can't see his smiling face. It is incredibly moving to stand on the other side of the world and hold the hand of an older child who asks, "can you find me a family?". This is a question no child should ever have to ask.  I've had this experience many times and it still brings me to tears.

We speak as a community about what to do for these children.  Here is something we can do from the comfort of your own home.  Share these children stories.  Please remember Anthony too!  He needs a family so much just as Cory does!

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