Advocacy Monday

There is a cutie waiting on the other side of the world who needs a family.  As you are going to sleep tonight he will be waking up in an orphanage.  I love his smile.  He makes me want to laugh.  Just his picture makes me smile.  Sometimes there are children who just make your heart sing.  This little bug is one of those kiddos
This little sweetie is BoBo and he is just over two years old.  You can start smiling now.

This boy is cuter than cute.  He likes to play with toys and his favorite toy is a rattle.  He will walk around playing.  He comes slowly to you if you show him a Toy.  He is also happy to walk around holding your hand.  BoBo does not have stranger anxiety.  He likes familiar people and new visitors.  He can squat down to pick up a toy and stand back up.  BoBo  can also throw the ball.  He can get the caregivers attention and he captures the heart of everyone who meets him.
BoBo's special need is ear atresia.  He does not have ear canals on either side.  His hearing is significantly impaired.  He may be deaf but we do not know for certain.  So the fact BoBo is young is great because a family will be able to get him soon and get him started with medical follow up and sign language.
So are you open to the need of significant hearing impairment or deafness.  This boy could bring so much Joy into your life.  He does not need to hear you to call you Mama or Papa.  He needs some one to teach him to sign just as you teach a baby with hearing to say words.  Someone who will love him unconditionally regardless of his sweet little ears.  This boy is perfect and he just needs to find his family.  Could that family be YOU?

For more information on sweet little BoBo please contact