Our Hearts are Full

We are so excited that a group of adoptive parents is leaving for China between Thursday and the weekend.  This is a large group and Oh Boy was that fast.  Fast for us but not fast enough for them.  Also never fast enough for the kiddos!  So at this moment our hearts are full.  Fuller that full, actually overflowing with Joy!!!!

Many of the special faces that rested on our shoulders and kiddos that we held in our arms are coming home.  Coming home to a family who loves them already!!!  Loves them with their whole heart! There are not enough exclamation points to use here.   I can remember the weight of every sweet baby, the toy each child liked or how the reached out and held our hands wanted another picture or wanted to play.

So today we are reaching out to all these sweet families to wish them well in their journeys.  SO they know we love and support each and every one of them and their special kiddo.  We are just overjoyed, these sweet kiddos are coming home.

SO today our hearts are full!  Till we think about the orphanages that are also full!  We know we are just a part of the process but if we all work together and never give up this will change!

Taking a moment to share some sweet pics of our trip last year!