They Brought Laughter into the Room!

Sometimes on our trips we meet children who bring us laughter.  They have an incredible gift in their spirit that makes us all laugh. Their smiles are infectious and their laughter melodious.  Makes us all giggle.  We have a great time with these children.  We play, draw, have them do a physical activity like play soccer, chase bubbles or just take their beautiful laughing picture.  We spend time with these children really connecting.  Which is all so wonderful, but then we come home.

We think about these kiddos back in the orphanage and we wonder if they are OK.  Do they laugh when in their everyday routine.  Is anyone playing with them? The fact that they have the capacity to be so happy with us makes it all the more difficult that they are in a cold orphanage on the other side of the world.  Tears and thoughts  for each one of them happen on a regular basis on this side of the world. We long for each of them to have that spark awakened by the forever family that is meant for them. They bring such incredible spirits to life.  The fact they can connect and have such fun is a very good thing.  It means that they are ready to connect to a family.

So we hope and dream for these kids.  We hope everyone who reads about them will see how amazing, special and fun they are and how much they need you.  They need love everyday.  They need Moms to kiss their tears and Dads to teach them how to ride a bike.    They need a family to laugh with them and share their incredible spirit.  Sometimes they need a family to push their wheelchair or help them learn to walk or talk.  To help them through a medical procedure or just to color with them in a coloring book.

So on this side of the world we post, and tell stories and advocate.  We hope you can see in them what we saw.  These are beauties just waiting for you to come get them.  They will bring so much to your family and life.

     OK this had too many pics so come back later in the week and I will post some more pics of these kiddos who so touched our hearts!!!