What happens to them?

 Recently I am struck by how many orphans there are just waiting.  The numbers of boys greater than girls and what happens to those children who no one adopts.  I see many children with cerebral palsy on the shared list that I know have the ability to walk.  They will need a great deal of rehabilitation but I know there are things that make me see they have the ability to learn to walk.  I see these children and know that they are crawling on hands and knees.  Or only able to sit when moved by an adult.  What type of life is that. I also see children with spina bifida with the same problems.  No braces, not enough rehab, and not enough equipment.

Sometimes I bring positioning equipment.  Sometimes walkers and wheelchairs. But all this does not solve the problem.  What happens when these children grow up.  Maybe they are in an orphanage that they can stay in till they age out.  Then what?

It can all get entirely overwhelming.  So we slow down and help each child, one at a time!  Do the best for each kiddo we meet. We may not be able to change the world but we can change the world for that child

Here are two children who we helped along this journey

Here are three children who wait and I wonder what their adult world will be like

Here are some of our sweeties that will be coming home

One Child at a time if we need to.  Every precious child one at a time!