Advocacy Monday- Adam

I want to introduce you to a really exceptional boy today.  Adam is a wonderful, out-going, 13 year old young man.  He loves to perform for people.  He can sing and dance and likes to play the host when someone visits the group foster home he is in.  He makes friends very easily.  He has a charming, ready smile.  Adam has had some surgeries for his heart.  

Adam was met by the Superkids team in June of last year.  He loved the attention and being with us.  He especially loved having his photo taken and then watching it print.  He understood why we were there and told one team member that he really wants a family.  But here is the thing, his time is getting short to make that desire a reality.  In about 9 months Adam will no longer be eligible for adoption due to his age.  We can't let this very special young man age out!   

Adam's favorite color is red.  He likes spicy foods but doesn't like vegetables.  He goes to a school off campus. His favorite classes are music and cooking.  His learning is somewhat delayed, but he memorizes things easily even when he doesn't fully understand concepts.  Oh yes, and he loves to sing!!!

He can do some basic sports activities.  And, listen to this, he does simple housework such as folding quilts and washing his own clothes! 

But what is the thing that makes him the most happyMaking new friends!

Could Adam be your son? 

I am asking a favor of all our readers, this boy is so special, could everyone who reads like and share this post.   It will help a wider audience know about this special boy!!

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