Such Amazing Joy - read along

I read blogs and posts every day from families who have already brought their amazing children home. We are just in love with these cute little bugs.  I wanted to show some sweeties and connect you all to some blogs. We know how amazingly these children do once home.  It fills our hearts more than we thought possible.

Here are a few to follow.  If you have adopted or are adopting, please share your bog in the comments so we can all follow along.

I apologize that some of the links would not cooperate and all be red.  You all get the idea. These blogs will warm your hearts, inspire all of us and show us challenges.   We see how resilient children and parents are. Some of these wonderful blogs are from families in the middle of adoption.  We love you all and are awaiting your gottcha day too!

So read along and see what has happened and what is happening!

BTW, 24 more days till China!!!!