They are More than Special

We review profiles, list waiting children and when you finally meet them it all goes out the window.  There are beautiful pics and stories and finding out about who they are.  It is amazing and thinking about all the children we met last year and all those we will meet this year.

In general we don't think about the kids as a special need, like the limb difference child.  We think about them like the boy with the beautiful eyes, or the child that loved suckers.  In truth its their special need that makes them special.  It is what, along with their picture, that will draw a waiting family to them.  Parents will think, I can parent a child with cleft lip palate and look in Rainbow kids under that category.  Then they see a picture and fall in love.

Under that category you might see a cutie like this boy pictured.  He is such a cutie that you might want to kiss his cheeks. These beautiful children will become your sons and daughters.  They have our hearts until they have yours.  

As we continue to prepare for our trip, we prepare our hearts to meet and hold dear these very special children.  We are holding in our hearts until you hold them in your hearts.

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