Trip prep continues.

Erin Martin reminded me today that its about one month and we are leaving for China.  Oh Gosh, we cant wait to see the children but we have so much to do.  Its exciting and anxiety provoking all at once.  So here we go.

Photo project, where we attempt to help waiting children encode some positive memories, develop self image and strengthen their sense of who they are.  We think they are amazing but we want to reflect this back to them too.  So they know they are special.  We want them to see their beauty and how special they are.  We are getting special donations from all over.  Hair bands, caps photo supplies.  We also ask these wonderful children to draw their own self image.  We get beautiful results back.  We just love this part. Children with limb differences draw their own unique hand or those with a crooked smile or missing tooth draw this too.  

To us, each difference makes these children special.  They are unique and beautiful.  They are special in so many ways.  I love helping them explore their differences.   Because difference is what unites them with waiting parents.  So many waiting parents are looking for a specific special need.  In some way their special need has united so many families with so many children.

As individuals living in this time, we must truly embrace diversity and  reflect back each and every child's individuality, difference and unique self.  We want them to love and embrace who they are.  Differences and all!

Again Can't wait.  How many days was that again?