14 more sleeps

Yes, 14 more nights at home in our beds before we are on our way to beds in China.  things now are moving at a breakneck pace.  Packages coming in daily, piles of things to pack.  Will we need two suitcases or one? Many many things to get nailed down.

In our heads we are already there.  Eating with chopsticks yummy noodles, dumplings.  Waking up to loud streets, not drinking the water.  Bikes everywhere. Yes we are in China.  The food, the noise and the smells all say we are in China.  All encoded in our memories.  On the other side of the world life is just as busy and crazy as we are here.

What are we looking forward to most, The children.  Seeing sweet little faces that we saw last year.  Smiles, tears and silly face.  Playing taking pictures. Time for extra hugs and squeezes. Rocking precious babies and playing soccer.  High fives and happy smiles. emailing from China, we met your child today.  

We will need several moving vans to get there with all the things we would like to bring. Hang on for the ride 14 more sleeps and we will be waking up in China.  Follow our Journey here and on the AWC blog.link below.  We will be posting different info on each blog so check both.