Having a Day

The process of getting organized from a Superkids trip is daunting.  There are more than 5000 pics plus many video files that need to be viewed.  Its overwhelming.  WE are at the bottom of a mountain of footage, pictures and info.

Then we remember, We all have families who love us.  We have soft beds and  full refrigerators.

We have our pets and our children have toys and clean clothes when ever we want.  Except when we run out of laundry :).  Then I feel silly and go back to work and work harder.

Because we do love these kiddos.  We want them to find their forever families and that takes work.  So off we go!!!

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Advocacy on both sides of the Ocean

We have learned that Advocacy has many uses.  We always advocate for all the children we meet.  No matter what their medical need is. No matter how hard to place.  We think that there is there is the perfect family out there for every Child.  

We also advocate for kiddos on the other side of the ocean in their home country.  Children often with quite significant medical needs, or hard to place needs. Please prepare files, please get this kiddo some physical therapy on and on the list goes.  Things we ask in the best interest of the kiddos.

Sometimes it is just about changing attitudes.  Seeing these kiddos for more than their special need. Helping others to know that yes, families will want a child with Beta Thalassemia  or Ostegenesis Imperfecta.

So today I am saying a prayer for each child I met. Holding them close in my heart and hoping that each and every sweet beautiful kiddo finds their forever family.  That they can know how special they are and feel our love all the way from this side of the ocean.

Please join me.



Today many families whose children we have met are traveling to get their kiddos.  We are excited and in awe for them.  How these each child's world will change.  They will have a Mama and a Baba.  How they will now have sisters and brothers and be loved in a forever family.

So today I think about where these special sweeties woke up, what their breakfast was like and what they are doing today.  Is anyone hugging them.  Explaining about the family that is soon to be theirs.  I hope so.   hope our hugs and showing picture books helped.

On our side of the ocean our wait begins for pictures of these wonderful families with a sweet child in their arms. So celebrating and waiting is the order of the week.

Its a New World

I returned to NY on Sunday evening.  It seems like we just left for China but in many ways it was so so long that we were there.  Right now it is hard to close my eyes without seeing a stream of faces.  The kiddos are so close and real.  Our every day reality here could not be more different.  We go from room to room, make food, call a friend,   Little simple things that are not part of these kiddos every day life.  So many freedoms we don't even acknowledge, like even getting a drink when we want.  In many ways their world is is small and controlled.

Some families whose children we met are traveling in the next several weeks.  Their child's world is about to change dramatically.  It will be a wonder to see each child blossom.  New freedoms and a love like they have never known before.  A forever family.  As that stream of faces go by when I close my eyes, I cant help but stop for a quick moment on each of these special faces.  Holding them for just a second in my thought and knowing what is to come for each of them.  


Shanghai is the place we feel mos comfortable.  Its the first place we went to and we always start here, except this trip.  This trip we started in Hunan. It was a little unsettling and a little disorganizing.  We did this due to schedules.  We started with such a long flight delay that caused us to get into Hunan at around three am.

It is always good to be back in Shanghai.  We see familiar faces and new faces.  This year one of our favorite head caregivers retired.  Lilly was not at SCH.  It seems lonely without her.  Glad we took a picture together last trip.  Hope she is well.

To see so many of the kiddos here when we return is a sad thing.  I wanted to share with you something they set up for the older kids. There is now a little store where employees can buy an ice cream or a bit of candy, or a cookie.  The older kiddos man the store.  Those over 14.  here they learn how to deal with money and calculate change and work with a customer.  Hopefully this prepares them for life in the world.  We bought all these things.  Lollipops for the kiddos at Shanghai, Erin and Mark took some things home for their kiddos.  We so enjoyed the experience.  We think its so good for these kiddos to practice these skills in a supported environment.

Life is changing friends.  We see as things improve and tomorrow there is always a new day to do better and make more changes.  We love the changes and hope for more with each new day.


Love Can Overcome

The message we have tried to spread in China is that love can overcome all.  We have show before and after video of the Shanghai sweeties.  We talk about special needs.  We encourage orphanages to prepare files for all children.  We so Need the Children to get home in families where they will get the best medical care they can.

Last year we encouraged preparation of files for children with osteogenesis imperfecta.  This year we are taking aim at Beta Thalassemia.  I saw several children who I recognized from a previous trip.  I asked about their special need and it was Beta Thalassemia major.  They told us that these children needed transfusions.  each child goes once per month.  The orphanage could not believe that there would be parents for these cuties.  They have had two older guys waiting on the shared list for a long time.  So here we go again.  Can we get a file on this kiddo?  Yup!

So it ended up we saw seven kiddos with Beta Thalassemia.  Little to big. I love these pumpkins and they we just so smart and cute. Now stand by and when we get the files help us find these kiddos forever families.

 The bug in the top picture was super quiet.  The guy on the bottom was full of energy and quite a soccer player.  He did addition and subtraction in English numbers.  Such a cutie.  Took my heart. So there are more to come from this group.

It warms my heart when we can make a difference in this way.  Love these guys and cant wait to see them in families.

Home again in Shanghai

It always feels like home when we were here.  we spent our day with a number of children yesterday. It is always magic to be here.  The kiddos and the staff know us.  the  is also a great opportunity for change to get files prepared and change attitudes towards special needs.  Its an opportunity I always like to capitalize on.  We are working on OI and beta Thalassemia is our next target.

We saw some of our matched kiddos and quite a few new ones.  Here are some shots from the day.  So many beautiful stories.  We just love being here.  Erin Martin was able to visit the room her daughter was in and showed her picture to a nanny, who commented how much she has grown.  The enormity of this was not lost on anyone on the team.  Here is Erin, on the other side of the world in a country where her daughter was born, talking to a nanny who cared for her daughter before she was adopted.

We also spent time watching the before after Shanghai video with the orphanage staff.  Its so wonderful to see their faces as they recognize the children.  We will be back at Shanghai Children's home again today. More from there when we get back to the hotel.