Advocacy on both sides of the Ocean

We have learned that Advocacy has many uses.  We always advocate for all the children we meet.  No matter what their medical need is. No matter how hard to place.  We think that there is there is the perfect family out there for every Child.  

We also advocate for kiddos on the other side of the ocean in their home country.  Children often with quite significant medical needs, or hard to place needs. Please prepare files, please get this kiddo some physical therapy on and on the list goes.  Things we ask in the best interest of the kiddos.

Sometimes it is just about changing attitudes.  Seeing these kiddos for more than their special need. Helping others to know that yes, families will want a child with Beta Thalassemia  or Ostegenesis Imperfecta.

So today I am saying a prayer for each child I met. Holding them close in my heart and hoping that each and every sweet beautiful kiddo finds their forever family.  That they can know how special they are and feel our love all the way from this side of the ocean.

Please join me.