Home again in Shanghai

It always feels like home when we were here.  we spent our day with a number of children yesterday. It is always magic to be here.  The kiddos and the staff know us.  the  is also a great opportunity for change to get files prepared and change attitudes towards special needs.  Its an opportunity I always like to capitalize on.  We are working on OI and beta Thalassemia is our next target.

We saw some of our matched kiddos and quite a few new ones.  Here are some shots from the day.  So many beautiful stories.  We just love being here.  Erin Martin was able to visit the room her daughter was in and showed her picture to a nanny, who commented how much she has grown.  The enormity of this was not lost on anyone on the team.  Here is Erin, on the other side of the world in a country where her daughter was born, talking to a nanny who cared for her daughter before she was adopted.

We also spent time watching the before after Shanghai video with the orphanage staff.  Its so wonderful to see their faces as they recognize the children.  We will be back at Shanghai Children's home again today. More from there when we get back to the hotel.