Its a New World

I returned to NY on Sunday evening.  It seems like we just left for China but in many ways it was so so long that we were there.  Right now it is hard to close my eyes without seeing a stream of faces.  The kiddos are so close and real.  Our every day reality here could not be more different.  We go from room to room, make food, call a friend,   Little simple things that are not part of these kiddos every day life.  So many freedoms we don't even acknowledge, like even getting a drink when we want.  In many ways their world is is small and controlled.

Some families whose children we met are traveling in the next several weeks.  Their child's world is about to change dramatically.  It will be a wonder to see each child blossom.  New freedoms and a love like they have never known before.  A forever family.  As that stream of faces go by when I close my eyes, I cant help but stop for a quick moment on each of these special faces.  Holding them for just a second in my thought and knowing what is to come for each of them.