Love Can Overcome

The message we have tried to spread in China is that love can overcome all.  We have show before and after video of the Shanghai sweeties.  We talk about special needs.  We encourage orphanages to prepare files for all children.  We so Need the Children to get home in families where they will get the best medical care they can.

Last year we encouraged preparation of files for children with osteogenesis imperfecta.  This year we are taking aim at Beta Thalassemia.  I saw several children who I recognized from a previous trip.  I asked about their special need and it was Beta Thalassemia major.  They told us that these children needed transfusions.  each child goes once per month.  The orphanage could not believe that there would be parents for these cuties.  They have had two older guys waiting on the shared list for a long time.  So here we go again.  Can we get a file on this kiddo?  Yup!

So it ended up we saw seven kiddos with Beta Thalassemia.  Little to big. I love these pumpkins and they we just so smart and cute. Now stand by and when we get the files help us find these kiddos forever families.

 The bug in the top picture was super quiet.  The guy on the bottom was full of energy and quite a soccer player.  He did addition and subtraction in English numbers.  Such a cutie.  Took my heart. So there are more to come from this group.

It warms my heart when we can make a difference in this way.  Love these guys and cant wait to see them in families.