At Least one Good Thing Every Day

I have participated in a gratitude challenge on facebook recently.  It was fun and helped me remember even on frustrating and difficult days there is such good in the world.  Today, I am going to give you a week of gratitude in the Superkids adoption world!!  This is what we have been grateful for in the past week.

- Seeing several LSC's come means our sweet kiddos are closer to being home.
- One cuter than cute little boy matched to a wonderful forever family
- A happy joyous boy from another province is also matched
-  Some beautiful advocacy posts written by other advocates on a lovely little one with Downs
- A great advocacy friend to share both tears and happy news with
- A little boy's Bday in China with tons of pictures to boot.
- Two beautiful girls matched
- Telling families about their little one who waits, sharing special moments spent with someones child is just the greatest gift for me.  Three families this week.
- Being so excited for all the families I speak to
- Support from my team and that they are such a wonderful team to work with
- Martha Osborrne, my role model in advocacy.
- The status of a little boy changed to special focus so there is more flexibility for adoptive parents.
- A quickly obtained echo report
- The birthday party of the sweetest girl that I met in China with the most angelic pictures.
- The number of people who will answer my questions and help on reports, medical needs and adoption advocacy.
-  So many parents submitting LOI in kiddos.
- A beautiful girl matched to her forever family.  
- So many new files means more children finding forever families.

We are so so grateful this week and wow what a week!!!!!!