I am Forever Changed

I had some difficulty this year coming back from the Superkids trip.  Difficulty hearing all the things that were said by the children seeing sick, sick babies and still going on with my life. My heart was shattered and is just beginning to mend.  It will never be whole until I have done everything I can do to help all waiting children. What did we see? We saw some children we had seen before and some older children who were so open and amazing they chose to share their story with us.

We saw children we do not think will survive the year.  I held a very blue baby and had no words for her just prayers.  We also held a baby who Gongzhan and Superkids worked so hard to get moved for surgery.   Getting him his needed surgery made the difference between life and death for him.  I held him and we all cried.  He still has a long way to go but there were no words only tears.

An older boy we met shared he is picked on in school because he is an orphan.  And a very beautiful girl told me she knew why we were here and she felt we were  of very good character because we were trying to find her a forever family.  She told us it was so amazing that we were trying to find her a family but not to be sad if there was not a family for her. She was consoling us.   Telling us it was OK if we were not successful.

So we all put our heads down and shut out the world and focus on these children. Who are precious and perfect and not defined by their special need or by being a waiting child. We want each and every one in a family,with parents and siblings who love them and will love them forever.  We will all work until it happens.

I am forever changed by each and every child I meet.  I hope to convey that to all of you that read this blog. That your hearts will be changed too.  We can all do something for each and every one of these children.

Telling their stories!  Making a difference one child at a time.