Advocacy is an Amazing Tool

We have been thinking a lot about Special needs and what needs families are open to.  In many respects special needs are what draw you to a child in the beginning.  Special need is what you can search for a child with.  That along with age and gender.  It continues to amaze us that being a boy is a special need.  In China adoption boys make up at least 75% of the shared list.

There has been much talk on advocacy groups about why this is. Do boys just wait longer?  Are they being abandoned more than girls?  Are girls picked first and boys wait and wait?  The reason we do not have the answers to these questions is there is not documentation of how many children are abandoned each year.  How many boys and how many girls, where, when and ages.  We just do not know.  All this is food for thought.  Lets make a concerted effort to advocate on behalf of these wonderful boys.  They could be your sons.  They can grow up to be amazing young men.

We love our boy as well as our girls!  Girls are cool, Boys rock!!!  Adoption is just an amazing way to add to a family!!!!  These are our beautiful boys,  Help outreach and advocate for them!!!








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