Finding out about Taiwan

This year after our time in China, a smaller Superkids team continued to Taiwan.  We visited our orphanage partners in Taiwan.  I love going there.  This is my second trip to Taiwan.  I went once before and now we hope to do a big trip there in the next year.  I wanted to share some observations.

Visiting the orphanages was an experience.  The orphanages are spotless and care is good.  There are an abundance of Social workers to hep these children.  There interest is so positive for the children. They try to address the issues of self esteem and  work hard with the children.  They were open to help placing their boys. Many of the children get PT, OT and developmental therapy.  Just to know they run all types of tests for ADHD and everything under the sun.  The files are current with a lot of info.    

Many of the children have less medical need.  This again is just my observation. The children are in care due to  neglect and may have complex social history.  These are mostly healthy boys.  I was happy to meet the two brothers on the Asia waiting child blog today.  I will post the link below.

Taiwan is an easier trip than China.  Quite a bit of English is spoken.  But Hotter than hot. Humid too! I could not live there because I would melt.  There is no need for VPN in Taiwan.  I love the food in China and Taiwan.  Taiwan has more seafood based cuisine.  I had wonderful pumpkin noodles and an amazing shrimp dish there. This all may not be the norm but it was what I
 observed on my trip.  The last time I went it was in November and it was still hot!!!

If you want to adopt a waiting child,  Taiwan is an option too.

So on to the brothers.   I loved these two so much I could have taken them home myself.  Cuter than cute.  Anyone who would consider adopting brothers should go over and read about them.  You would be in for a whole lot of Joy!!!!