100 miles to You!!!

Two wonderful families started this project.  Both families are waiting for their child to come home. They are challenging all of us to walk, bike, run or kayak for 100 miles.  For each mile we complete we place a dollar in a jar and at the end of November ,which is national adoption month, Superkids will use these donations to fund our work in Asia.  We will be able to make more trips to help even more waiting children, find more forever families and provide love and comfort to those who wait.   Well here is the start of my 100 mile challenge.  Check it out on facebook and see the start of my 100 mile challenge here!


Here is the link to the facebook group!


Here are some of the beautiful children who's stories we are sharing.  Remember, every child matters.  We will serve as their voice so they can be heard and work to help them find their forever family.