Can You See Me?

So never expect to go into an orphanage and come out the same person.  There has been a sot going around like that.  You will come out broken and hurt and all that is good because these kids need for that to happen to us.  We need to know what its like and how amazing children are there waiting. Just waiting....

This year we wanted to work on self esteem.  Help these kiddo see how beautiful they really are.  Beauty in their faces and sweet spirits. These kids rarely look in a mirror and almost never get to see their picture.  You quickly find this out when you take a picture and are bowled over by every child in the room wanting to look at your camera.  We decided to take Polaroid pics this year.   The pictures come on sticker and fit nicely on the back of a credit card mirrors.  Little plastic mirrors the size of a credit card.  Well what a success.  Here is a series of how one kiddo reacted.  Every child seemed to love these.  From the 18 month old babies on up.  Enjoy the fun!

Yes, sweet beautiful girl, we can see you.  You are so so special!  You are wonderful and not forgotten.