Gearing up!!!

Well that surely describes it!  What are we gearing up for?   So many things all at one.  On Nov. 7th we will  be honoring Martha Osborne from Rainbow kids.  We are so so exited.  The entire Superkids team will attend.  We are laughing that it will be great to be together when we are not sleep deprived.  The Asia waiting child team will be working with Martha and learning more and more about advocacy.  Martha sets standards and has a model we are so so impressed with and excited about. In many ways it dictated our theme for the event, " Every Child Matters".  The Superkids team is dedicated to this. 

Each and every child is special and beautiful.  Its there differences that make them beautiful and special and there is the perfect family out there for each and every one. We all really believe that.  Often times families search for their Child by special need and in a way its that special need that brings you to the child. 

So here is the second thing we are gearing up for.  There are a number of new files that have come in or almost here.  Again we are excited.  More beautiful children to help on their journey.  Helping them find that forever family that is just right for them. 

So a lot to celebrate and a lot to gear up for. Here we go!!!!

today I  leave you with some beautiful pics of a few of our waiting sweeties!!!