Look What Love Can Do!!!

Today is a wonderful day where we as team come together to share our love for all waiting children with our Superkids community.  We are celebrating Superkids and honoring Martha Osborne.   Martha rocks.  She is the champion of all advocacy and has led the charge longer than any of us!!!!!  So tonight as we have our wonderful event,  we want you to know how important each and every one of you is to Superkids.  You all rock!!!  You read our post, share our words and help on our trips with preparation, planning and donations.  So my dear friends, Adoption is an amazing way to build your family!!!  These waiting kids rock.  here are some pics of  child that Superkids helped to find their forever family.  Now, look what Love can do!!!!



Tonight I get to give this very special sweetie a big hug.  Yes, Look what love can do!!!!!!!!