Spina Bifida is just a Label

Today a sweet mom and family share about their recent adoption and parenting a child with Spina Bifida.  She tells us what helped to make their decision and what life is like.  We love this little one and her amazing family!!!  Read on, and then think about the cutie at the bottom of the page!!!!
When we first started the adoption process in the Summer of 2013, like most families, we were overwhelmed with the medical checklist. It was hard to narrow it down to which special needs we would consider. We labored over each condition, trying to decide what we could and couldn't handle and what would be realistic for our family. We skimmed right over Spina Bifida because it just sounded so scary. The bottom line is that it was a special need we had no experience with and very little exposure to. We did not check this as a need that we felt comfortable with.

Fast forward to the Fall of 2013. Our paperwork was almost ready to be sent to China. As we waited for the final piece of our dossier, I saw a little girl on Rainbow Kids that had the most adorable smile. Her need was Spina Bifida with post-op meningocele and TCS (tethered cord). When I saw her picture I knew we were looking at our daughter. I started to research more about this special need and began to realize how manageable it could be. There were most definitely many unknowns. There would be questions that couldn't be answered until we brought her home, but we already loved her and that love overcame any uncertainties we could have had at the time. 

We traveled to China this summer to finally meet the little girl who had been in our hearts for so many months. Ever since June 16, 2014 we have been amazed by her in every way possible. She has absolutely no limitations. She climbs, runs, jumps and plays like any other child her age. And at just barely 3 years old she is pedaling and steering a 12" bike with training wheels. She dresses herself, can bath herself, brush her teeth, eat with utensils (including chopsticks), use safe scissors proficiently, and skillfully navigate any playground equipment. Other than the scar on her back, you would never know she was born with Spina Bifida. 

She is the smartest and most advanced child in her preschool class. She is speaking English better than some 3 year olds that have spent their entire lives in an English-speaking culture. She is amazing in every way.

There is a possibility that she could need surgeries in the future, such as another detethering of the spinal cord, but for now we are enjoying her and watching in awe as she shows us daily what a little miracle she is.

I urge any of you that are on the fence about Spina Bifida to consider it. Research, talk to others who have experience, and then make a decision that is right for your family. Not every child with our daughter's special need will have the same outcome, but they are generally very intelligent and wonderful little children that just need a loving home, and someone who can commit to being their parents despite the unknowns. 

We are so thankful that we didn't let the label "Spina Bifida" keep us from our beautiful daughter, and our hope is that it won't keep others from being united with another one of these precious and amazing kids.

See this wonderful family!!!!  See the love and laughing!  Labels cannot define these amazing children.  Read about beautiful Barton below.  He needs to be in a wonderful family too!!!!  

Barton is a sweet boy who is just over one year old.  He is a handsome  with a cute little bow shaped mouth and beautiful eyes.  He is so so sweet!  He can bang together two blocks.  He can bear weight on his feet.  He is rolling and can get to a hands and knees position.  His special need is spina bifida, meningocele and a tethered cord which was treated surgically.  He is such a sweetie and enjoys peek-a-boo!

Do you see this cuddly sweet guy?  He is so so adorable!  Barton is a sweetie who is not defined by any label and needs an amazing family to love him.  Could he be your son????

For more  information about Barton,  please contact,  Pat Marcus at patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com