What's New???

Well our blog is new!  We are so so happy with the new design and social media share buttons!!!  And look at the beautiful pictures of Children at the top.  Why did we remake the blog???  because our children need to be showcased and celebrated in the most beautiful ways.  We are so so excited to help beautiful waiting children find their forever families and this blog will help us do more.  You can now share our posts easily.  So here we go!!!

What else is new? We cant wait for our Friday night event with Martha Osborne!  She keeps advocacy moving, changing and keeping pace for all adoption programs.   If you have not seen her new site,  click on this link.  rainbowkids.com.  We are so happy for waiting children everywhere to have such a great new tool to help their forever families find them.

 Lastly, new files are in! and we are slowly uploading them to RK.  Read our sister blog, asiawaitingchild.wordpress.com for our Boys Rock our Hearts highlights this month.

 I am choosing to post Erin Martin's testimony for boys here today.  Erin is our Superkids photographer.  She takes all those beautiful pics you see.  We are forever in her debt for these great images.  Erin is also a adoptive mom.  She has adopted twice through Gladney!!  Her daughter Eliana was one of our Superkids. It is so special Erin is now part of the Superkids team.   

As the mom of three boys I certainly feel qualified to speak about how wonderful boys are! My sons are currently 15, 12, and 9. My oldest son is the scholarly type. He loves to read, study, and play the piano and violin. He is steady and dependable. My second son is my outdoorsman! He is never happier than when he is dressed in camo from head to toe, exploring the woods with his faithful companion, our dog, Timber. He is rambunctious and loud, but he has such a soft heart! He loves animals and cares for them so gently! Recently he was helping my sister bottle feed a kitten, I loved watching my rough and tumble boy gently coaxing milk into the kitten's tiny mouth! And then there is the youngest boy. At nine he still loves playing with matchbox cars and Legos. He has a whole collection of little cars and he loves each and every one of them! Like our oldest son he loves to read. I often find him curled up on the sofa engrossed in one of his beloved Hardy Boys books! I truly cannot imagine life without my boys!

Boys rock our hearts!!!!