Superkids 2014 Memories {Flashback Friday- Hannah}

The following was written by Hannah Sams, a Superkids volunteer, who traveled to China for the first time in 2014. She helped with recording data and taking video. She has such a special touch with little ones! If a child seemed nervous or upset Hannah was always right there to comfort them and make them feel safe.  

When I traveled to China this past summer with Superkids I was expecting many new experiences and emotions but I wasn't expecting these kids to grab my heart and never let go. 

I met a sassy two year old. Oh, was she ever a two year old! She was a tiny spit fire who wanted to be held and let us all know she didn't like it when I put her down.

I met an adorable little boy with burn scars. When I held out my arms to him a huge smile split his face and he ran straight into my arms and heart! 

Then there was the 12 year old boy who had also been burned...Life seemed to have taken his smile away and my heart broke to watch  his lack of self-confidence. I couldn't help but think what a different person he would be if someone saw his potential and helped him also see it. 

And there were so many more. Waiting to fit into their family like a missing puzzle piece to complete a beautiful picture. It is so exciting to hear of one of these kids being matched and going home to their family. Another unique, beautiful picture completed!!