The Superkids of 2015

In 2015 we made two trips to China and one trip to Taiwan. We met met so many wonderful children! Of these children many are now home and many more have families doing the paperwork to bring them home. Their little faces tell the story better than we could in any other way, they are why we do what we do!

Here they are! 
The Matched and Home Superkids of 2015!


I have one of the most precious children to introduce today. A couple of years ago Chelsea and I saw this sweet little boy in one of the rooms in the orphanage we were visiting. He seemed to want to be part of the action, but he wasn't on our list of children to see. Of course, Chelsea being Chelsea that made no difference whatsoever to her and she sought him out to make friends. I don't know which of them enjoyed it more, but I do know that both of them cried when they had to say goodbye.

We have seen Leo twice since then and every time he is so sweet and happy, enjoying every moment of interaction.

Leo is 9 years old and has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He walks with the assistance of a walker and can walk a few steps by himself. He speaks in complete sentences although his speech is hard to understand.

Our notes on Leo are filled with exclamations such as "so fun!", "engaging", "easy to play with!", and "sweet smile!".

Leo is a child who would thrive in a family! He so desperately needs therapy and to be able to be educated to reach his full potential. Could he be your son?

Please contact Keely O'Dell at for more information about Leo.

And please share this post! YOU could make difference for him!


Felix is an active 10 year old boy who is ready to find his forever family.  Felix is currently in elementary school where he gets good grades.  He is adventurous, outgoing, playful and lively.  You should see the other photos of him that we have – his personality really shines through!
Felix gets along well with both adults and his peers at school and in the orphanage.  He enjoys playing with Legos, riding a bike, playing video games and playing ball games.  He has actively participated in the English lessons proved by volunteers.

Along with an older half brother, he has been in care since he was two years old.  Due to adoptive parent illness, Felix and his brother had an adoption fall through before being placed with the family, and this has crushed his heart.  He has seen many of his friends leave with their forever families and asks when it will be his turn.

Felix has shown some attention deficit issues and hyper activity. He has been prescribed one pill of Ritalin daily and has shown improvement.
For more information on Felix, please contact Gladney Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman at



From all of us to all of you!

In Loving Memory of Xin Long

As many of us are gathered with family and loved ones this Christmas Eve we want to pause for a moment to remember a very special little boy and his very special family.

Sweet Sisters {Taiwan}

Dakota, age 9, and Delia, age 8, are sweet, healthy sisters who need a forever family. Both girls are said to be very smart and creative.

Dakota loves any kind of arts and crafts activities. Her foster mother states that she has a strong personality and she can become very focused and determined when learning something new that interests her. Her foster mother also states that Dakota will surprise her with kind and appreciative words, or by helping with a chore.

Painting by Delia

Delia is described as an easy-going, kind and considerate little girl. She loves drawing and painting, and is said to be able to copy a picture after just looking at it briefly. I think her version of van Gogh’s Starry Night shows this talent well!

Painting by Delia

 Dakota and Delia live in separate foster families, but they get to spend time together regularly and love to see each other. Each girl’s foster mother wrote a sweet letter to potential adoptive parents sharing a little bit about each girl.

Could these sweet sisters be your daughters? To learn more about Dakota and Delia, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at

Webinar Recording

Did you miss our webinar yesterday? Well you are in luck because we have it right here ready for you to watch it!

Superkids Spotlight: Developmental Milestones and Delays

Sweet Sabrina

Sabrina is a darling 18 month old baby girl. Isn't she just gorgeous!?

Little Sabrina is described by her caregiver as very sweet and smiley. When she is fussy she is easily calmed by being held. Her caregiver also told us several times how very smart Sabrina is!

When we met her in September she was cooing and babbling. She also says Mama referring to her caregiver.

Sabrina has complex orthopedic needs – the diagnosis in her profile is "Bilateral humeral shaft fracture, hands and feet varus after operation, hip dislocation". Due to her condition, she has limited movement in her arms and legs but she is able to sit up and prop on her belly. Our pediatric PT will be glad to discuss these issues with any interested family.

Could this little sweetheart be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information about making Sabrina your daughter!


Lawrence is a cute-as-a button 6 year old boy. We have some of the cutest notes on this little boy. For example: "He's not very brave and can get scared of different things like lizards!" Or under dislikes: "He does not like dancing."

I smile as I read through our notes remembering this little boy. He is very active. He saw our table with care packages for matched children on it and he wanted those packages! He would not be sidetracked from the package that had little matchbox cars in it. We tried bubbles and balls and everything we had, but we did not have anything as cool as those cars!

Lawrence is diagnosed with developmental delays. He speaks in simple sentences, but his pronunciation is not very clear. He drew a picture of  a sun for us. He tries to imitate writing and pretends to write Chinese characters. He can count to 10.

He likes to play outside with balls. He can run, jump, and kick a ball. He is close to his caregiver and gets along well with other children.

This cute little boy is waiting for his family! Could he be your son? Contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

We are having a webinar in which Keely O'Dell will speak about developmental delays and will be telling you more about Lawrence and other waiting children tomorrow. Please register here.

Darling Daphne! {Taiwan}

Daphne is a kind and easy-going almost 7 year old little girl. She can be shy when meeting new people, but she loves to play with other children and gets along well with her classmates. Daphne lives in a foster family and especially loves playing with the family dog! She also enjoys reading and watching TV. In school, Daphne is good at paying attention and will ask questions, when needed. She especially loves when her class takes field trips.
Daphne loves to be helpful at home and school. Her foster parents have a young granddaughter they look after and Daphne loves to help take care of her. 

Daphne is developmentally on target with her peers and has no current medical conditions. She was born premature and had neonatal drug withdraw syndrome at birth. 
For more information on Daphne, please be in contact with Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at

We have to be careful what type of photos we post publicly of children from Taiwan. To see pictures of Daphne contact Mary or join our Taiwan advocacy group on Facebook.

Look at Little Lara!! {Under Consideration}

Look at this sweet baby girl! Lara is 18 months old and her caregivers describe her as quiet and reserved.

Taken in April 2015

Taken in September 2015

She sits and crawls. When we met her in September she could pull herself to a standing position but was not yet walking. She responds to her name and turns to sounds. She searches for hidden objects and puts a smaller object into a larger object.

Lara has Beta Thalassemia. She requires a blood transfusion monthly.

This incredible baby girl needs a family. Could she be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Webinar Time!! {Developmental Milestones & Delays}

It is time for our monthly webinar! This month we are talking about a topic that is so, so important for all parents adopting internationally. Our topic will be:

Superkids Spotlight: Developmental Milestones and Delays

Many children actually have this as a diagnosis in their file, others do not, but it is still important for prospective parents to  understand the likelihood that their child will  have delays from being institutionalized.

Join us as Keely O'Dell, our pediatric physical therapist, shares about developmental milestones and what developmental delays can look like. 

We will also be advocating for children with developmental delays who are available for adoption.

When: Thursday December 17, 2015
Time: 1-2 PM EST

Nellie {Under Consideration}

I told you we have a bunch of little bitties to introduce! Today it is Nellie's turn!

Nellie is a 2 year old girl with post operative CHD (VSD). She is described as active and smiley. She walks and runs independently. She goes up and down steps holding a rail. She can take her socks and shoes off by herself.

She understands simple commands and is saying a few simple words. She likes playing games with friends, and gets along well with them. She likes to do things to please her teacher. Doesn't she sound like a sweetheart!?

Nellie is also from our new partnership orphanage that has requested that we don't share photos publicly. She is a super duper cutie though, I can assure you of that!

Nellie needs a family! Could she be your daughter? We are looking for a family with a log in date or with a dossier almost completed. Please contact Mary Chapman at for more information.

Nolia {Under Consideration}

It is so unusual to have so many young children to advocate for, but we have new partnerships and new files! So we are excited to have so many precious tiny ones to share with you!

Today I'm going to introduce Nolia. This little sweetheart is only 18 months old. She is from the same orphanage as the twins, so we can't share photos publicly. She is just beautiful though!

She sits by herself and crawls. She can transfer toys from one hand to the other. She holds her own bottle and responds to her name.

Nolia has repaired cleft lip and cleft palate. She is described as a quiet baby and it is noted that she likes to listen to music.

This adorable baby girl needs a family! We are looking for a family who has a log in date or is almost finished with their dossier. Could Nolia be your daughter? Please contact Mary Chapman at for more information.

Wordless Wednesday {Garrett}

Meet Micah! {Taiwan}

Micah is an adorable little 2 year old boy that is waiting for his forever family. Micah was seen by Gladney's Superkids team in September and we all fell in love with him! He has such a sweet smile and a wonderfully affectionate relationship with one of his caregivers – his face just lit up when she walked in the room! Micah is a generally happy little guy who gets along well with his peers. His caregivers told us that he is easy-going but definitely has a little bit of a serious and determined personality.
Micah’s favorite toys are stacking rings and a piggy bank that he likes to put plastic coins into. He also loves to dance! His caregivers stated that he understands many words and simple instructions, and he can speak several simple words. He walks well and loves to ride on a little push toy car. He can hold crayons and scribble on paper.
Micah has Down syndrome. He also has a repaired cleft lip and palate, and PFO which is expected to repair itself as he grows older.
For Micah’s full profile, including medical information, photos and videos, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at

Natalie and Nicole- Twins!! {Under Consideration}

Natalie and Nicole are three year old twin girls who are just adorable! They are from a new partnership orphanage and they have requested that we not share photos publicly for now, so I'm going to have to refrain from posting pictures on the blog. But trust me on this, these girls are darling!

Both of the girls have esotropia. They are doing great developmentally. They both walk independently, they run, jump, go up and down steps, kick balls, and walk on tiptoe. They both like to sing and paint.

Natalie is described as extroverted while Nicole takes a little longer to warm up to new people. Natalie likes to pretend to be a teacher. Both of the girls understand and follow simple commands and speak in simple sentences.

These girls are just darling and they are waiting for a family! We need a family whose dossier is logged in or almost complete in order to be considered for Natalie and Nicole. Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information and to see pictures of these adorable little girls!


Liam is an outgoing 9 year old boy who loves to be hugged!

He is delayed in many areas but he is such a sweet, sunshiny little boy!

Liam is described as a warmhearted boy by his caregivers. He likes to paint. He can count to 10 and speaks in simple sentences but his speech is difficult to understand.

He sure loved the lollipops we had with us and managed to grab a whole pocketful of them! He seemed to thrive on positive reinforcement, always looking to make sure we were happy with what he was doing.

This precious little boy needs a family to help him reach his full potential! Could he be your son?

Contact April Uduhiri at of more information!

An Update on Gunner!

Here is a little video of updated pictures and videos of Gunner. He is still waiting for a family!

Request A Free Information Packet Today!

How Do I Start the Adoption Process?

It couldn't be easier to start the amazing adoption journey with the Gladney Center for Adoption. To learn more about adopting from China, Taiwan, or any program offered by Gladney, please request one of Gladney's free, comprehensive Adoption Information Packets. Make your request on-line or by calling 1-800-INT-ADOP.

New Week, New Partnership, New Files!

We are pretty excited this Monday morning! We have a lot of exciting news to share!

First of all, our partnership with the Ningbo orphanage in the Zhejiang province of China is now official! We visited there in April and met a bunch of super sweet children, so we are extremely excited that we will be working with them on an on-going basis!


New files! We love when we find out about new files! This group consists of all really young children, including twin 3 1/2 year old girls! Oh the cuteness! And a tiny little boy with the sweetest little expression. And... well, I could keep going, but I'm just giving you a little sneak peek right now, so I'd better stop.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!

One thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, GOTCHA DAY! 


What a day -- excitement, joy, anxiousness, sadness, promise, love....

Gotcha Day and Thanksgiving: trains, planes, and automobiles....and family.  The opportunity to hold our child, or parent, or sibling, in our arms and say:  "I am finally here for you today; and I will be here for you always". 

You can follow the blog of a family currently in China adopting one of our little Superkids here.

Wordless Wednesday {We Are Truly Thankful!}

Shining A Light On... Taiwan

This month the Gladney Superkids team has been sharing what we have been #gratefulfor.  On Tuesdays we always like to shine a little extra light  - and focus our thoughts and work  - on the children in Taiwan who need families. I know that the country of Taiwan may not be the first place that parents might think about traveling to when they choose to adopt a child who is Chinese.  But, I encourage everyone to learn about Taiwan - It is an interesting and beautiful country with a history intertwined with mainland China.  It is a country of modern conveniences and challenges.

The adoption process in Taiwan is a very stable process with the opportunity to receive updated medical and developmental information on a regular basis once matched with a child.  Most often the children needing an adoptive family are toddlers are sibling groups.  Several years ago I had the opportunity to spend 5 months in Taiwan followed by 3 months in China, so in many ways- when I think about China -- I think about my adventures in Taiwan, and the friends I made when I was visiting.  I am #gratefulfor the opportunity I had to visit "both" Chinas - and there will always be a special place in my heart for Taiwan.  

Could your child be waiting in Taiwan? Visit Gladney’s website to read the adoptive parents requirements for the Taiwan program. If you are interested in learning more about the Taiwan program or waiting children, please be in touch with Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at

-Wendy Stanley, Director, Asia program Social Services

Let's Start the Week Off Right!

First of all a let's say congratulations to the family of our recently matched little


Then let's congratulate the families meeting their little Superkids this week!

And last, but not least, we had a great time meeting new families and sharing about Superkids and Gladney's programs at the APC Conference this weekend.

April and Mary at the display table.

Thankful Thursday {#gratefulfor}

This week we are thankful for...


We are so blessed with opportunities! We are given the opportunity to travel to Asia and are welcomed into orphanages in both China and Taiwan. They welcome us in with our cameras and donations and they set up scales and answer our questions and give us access to so much information. They trust us to use this information and the photos and videos responsibly and we appreciate their trust.

We have the opportunity to meet children. We meet hundreds of children in a year's time! We treasure each moment with each child. We cradle babies, we play with toddlers, we put Legos together with older children.

We have the opportunity to meet so many awesome families! (See last week's post)

We have the opportunity to advocate and educate! Tomorrow afternoon Keely will be holding a webinar to help people understand neurological issues better in order to prepare them to parent children with these needs.

We are so thankful for the many unique opportunities we have!

Wordless Wednesday {Gwen}

Read more about Gwen here.

Why In The World? {Taiwan Family Story}

There are many children with Down syndrome or other similar special needs in Taiwan waiting for their forever families. If you are interested in learning more about Taiwan adoption, or the waiting children in Taiwan, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at

Note: The photos in this post are not of Kaden, they are of a little boy in Taiwan whom we met in September. 

One mother’s letter of support to others thinking about adopting a child with Down syndrome.

We have a biological son and our daughter is adopted from South Korea.  We were in the process of prayerfully considering our second adoption, never expecting to have another child of our own.  Little did we know, God had other plans for our family and we found out we were expecting.  After many tests and sonograms, we learned in the Spring of 2010 that our son would be born with Down Syndrome and have 2 different heart conditions. 

We heard many comments from Drs. over the months that were less than supportive -- you name it, we heard it!  While it was not easy, we brushed off each and every comment the OB/GYN Doctors had to say to us, just because our son happened to have an extra chromosome.  Caleb was truly a VERY unexpected gift and we loved him so, including his older brother and sister!  After two open heart surgeries, Caleb climbed into Jesus' lap after being with us for a little over a year.  Caleb had taught us in only 414 days that not only could we care for a child with Down Syndrome, but that they had a lot to teach us as well.  He never spoke a word or even learned to sit up, but he taught us more and showed us what true unconditional love is in a very short amount of time!  After months of grief in our family, we knew full well we were not "done".  As time lifted some of our grief, we began to realize that we were still meant to adopt again, but this time we were to adopt a little one with special needs.  Something we would have never considered for our family before Caleb.

We fell in love with a little guy who was featured on Reese's Rainbow, as well as Rainbow Kids!  We inquired and filled out information about our family and a couple weeks later, we were told that we had been chosen by the birth family to raise Kaden. The process began and we were off to the races!  International adoptions have many twists and turns and many times where we had to hurry up and wait...but on the other end of the paper trail is a beautiful child needing a home.  Kaden had a mom, dad, older brother and sister who could not wait to bring him home.  The process took 14 months, but thankfully the agency in Taiwan was good about sending updates, pictures and videos, almost every month!  We could not wait for those updates each time!!  After 14 months, we finally brought Kaden HOME and a little piece of our broken hearts was filled again.

Sure, it is not easy raising a child with special needs, but what child is easy?!  Our greatest challenges have been with insurance when something like physical therapy is not billed right!  :)  
Kaden brings so much joy to our lives each and every day.  He runs to his daddy when he walks into the door after a long day at work.  He makes us laugh at the dinner table every night.  He amazes us with his strength and determination every day!  What is different about a child with Down Syndrome...absolutely nothing!  He may need a little extra therapy at school or a little extra help with forming his words.  He may need a little extra time potty training or learning how to tie his shoes, but he teaches US more every day then we can even describe.  We have determined after two and half years with K that the extra 21st chromosome is made up of mostly love (the other portion is made up of stubbornness:).

Did we ever think when we got married that we would have a special needs!  But are we thankful that we have been blessed to raise a child with special needs...absolutely!  We are better for it, our other children are better for it.

So, in the end, why in the world would you want to adopt a child with Down Syndrome?  Because you can!