Family Story

Adoption for us has been something that we never could have expected. We went from being parents of two precious boys – certain that we were finished adding to our family – to the stunning realization that we were being called to adopt a little girl from China. We were terrified of adoption on every level. We knew that we couldn’t afford adoption financially and we wondered if our family could afford the personal cost of adoption and the way that adding a new member would change the dynamics of us. But, God so gently walked with us as He made His call clear in our lives. We knew that regardless of what we thought we could afford, God has endless resources. So, we took a step forward in faith.

The process of adopting took us two long, roller coaster filled years. In those years we began to realize that we, as a family, were incomplete and our hearts radically changed from hesitant caution to gut-burning desire to be united with our daughter. It still amazes us as how quickly you can go from thinking your family is complete to feeling the pain of knowing your daughter is alone and sleeping in an orphanage unaware that she is desperately loved and that she belongs.

On July 21, 2014, we were forever united as a family. It was one of the most magical, beautiful moments of our lives. Meili Jane was 3 ½ when we met for the first time. Timid, shy, so uncertain of the moment. Looking into those forever brown eyes, I prayed that the deepest parts of her soul would recognize that she belonged with us and that God would give her rest in our arms.

We have been a complete family for six months now and they have been some of the craziest and, at the same time, most normal months of our lives. Meili Jane is fantastic. Spunky, funny, precious, and very demanding in the best of ways. She is the spotlight of every room she enters. She is the apple of her brothers’ eyes and the shiniest part of our hearts. Looking at her you can’t help but see the hands of God’s great love and redemption at work. But, not in the way that you think. You see, when we look at Meili Jane, the redemption that we see most is the redemption that she brought into our lives, into spaces that we didn’t even realize needed to be redeemed.