Let Me Introduce You to Aaron

This is Aaron. He just turned 5 and is described as an enthusiastic, courteous boy. He is shy around people he doesn't know, but in his foster home he is very happy and outgoing.

Aaron's special need is albinism. He attends Kindergarten and is doing well in school. His teacher considers him an eager learner. He also likes to dance and sing.  He is able to care for his own personal needs. His favorites toys are small toy cars and he loves to ride a bike with training wheels.

We call Aaron our "spicy boy" because he seems to be able to stand up for himself quite well, but when he is with his foster mother you see that he is also very sweet and has a soft heart.

Could Aaron be your son?

For more information about Aaron please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org.