New Files Are A Comin' {Arielle}

Another group of files is coming very soon! Are you ready to meet some of the cute kiddos?

First up is beautiful little Arielle. She is four years old and so, so precious. She absolutely loved the hair bows and mirrors we took with us when we visited her in June. She watched with delight as we printed her picture and put it on the back of her mirror. Then she would look at her photo and flip it over to the mirror side and smile at herself. It was beyond cute!

Arielle is in foster care and is learning to take care of her own personal needs. She is potty trained and can dress herself. Her special need is a hemangioma on her left chest, an umbilical hernia, and developmental delay. She goes to half-day preschool and is doing well in school. She scribbles on paper, jumps, stands on one foot, and speaks in short sentences.

Arielle is described as a quiet, sweet little girl who is friendly to everyone. Could this darling little girl be your daughter?

For more information about Arielle or about any of our waiting children please contact April Uduhiri at