Superkids Coming Home!

As Superkids volunteers we meet many children. We hold them, play with them, and evaluate their development. We love on them for the short time we have with each one.

After we come home we think about them, pray for them, advocate for them, and love them from afar. We hold each child close in our hearts. We are thrilled when, time after time, we see the perfect family for each child find them. We follow the adoption progress and rejoice as each step brings the child and their family closer together.

Right now we are very excited as one family is in China now, and next week four more families are traveling to meet their little "Superkids". My heart is full as I think of each of these families meeting their child and each child becoming a treasured son or daughter.

Congratulations to the families traveling. Please know that we are cheering you on from half a world away! We travel with you in heart and we are here for you as you adjust to life with your new little ones.

And to our precious little Superkids: We are so thrilled for each of you. May you be blessed and happy, may you each thrive as you join your new families. You will always have a little piece of our hearts.