We're Goin' Back...


The dates are set...

April 11-25, 2015

The team is assembled...
Gongzhan  Wu
Darla Wrage
Keith Wrage
Erin Martin 
April Uduhiri
Keely O'Dell
Nancy Dobson
Rocky Yu

And, of course, we will be joined in China by other helpful guides and translators who help us throughout the trip. 

The lists are started...

memory cards
external hard drives
hair accessories for girls
stacking cups
inflatable balls
preemie bottles

The tickets are booked. (Or at least in the process of being booked.)

The itinerary for in China is set...

We will be telling you more as we go because anyone knows that itineraries tend to change! 

The excitement is building! We are going to be seeing kids we have met before, meeting new kids, delivering care packages to matched kids, and getting lots of great pictures, videos, and information about all of our precious children! Needless to say, we can't wait for Superkids April 2015 to commence!

Wordless Wednesday {Rocky}

Lovely Layla

Layla is a gorgeous little girl who just turned 6. She was met by the Superkids team in 2014 and we all found her to be a charming little lady. We observed her playing in a little toy kitchen. She obviously knew just what to do with the kettles and spoons and was apparently cooking up a nice little meal. She also gently cared for the doll and vacuumed the floor with a little toy vacuum cleaner.

She is described as gentle and well-behaved. She enjoys playing with other children her age and loves to sing and dance.

Layla's file indicates that she may have a low IQ, but she appears to be doing very well. She can count from 1-100. She speaks in complete sentences and can recite poems and rhymes. She takes care of her own personal needs. She can run, jump, and dance.

She is not picky with food and enjoys eating many different things. She loves to dress in pretty dresses. She said she doesn't have a favorite color but she likes to look pretty!

Could this darling little girl be your daughter? For more information about her or about any of our waiting children please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org. 

A Bit Of Housekeeping

Every once in a while it is good to just do a little housekeeping on the old blog, you know?

So here goes.

The very astute among you may have noticed a new page at the top of the blog called Waiting Kids. This is a place where the children we are currently advocating for are all listed. There is a photo and a link to a blog post for each one.

I noticed this morning that our page views are at 99,947. That means we will tip the 100,000 scale today! Thank you so much for reading and for sharing! It really does make a difference for the children.

If you have a blog be sure to add us to your blogroll. The more people visit our blog, the more people see our kids. And that is a good thing!

Also, do you see where it gives you options to share post at the bottom of each post? Those are really easy to use and another great way to easily advocate for children waiting for families.

We have some super-duper exciting news coming soon and I don't want anyone to miss it! Can anyone guess what it could be?!

新年快樂 - Gong Xi Fa Cai - Happy Chinese New Year

Wishing each of you a prosperous, beautiful year!


Worless Wednesday {Suzanna}

Family Story {Adopting a Child with Burns}

This story was posted a while ago on the Asia Waiting Child Blog. The lovely family who wrote it gave us permission to re-post it here. Thank you for sharing this inspiring story with us!

Brian and I are a couple that met in our mid 30’s, married a bit later and started the parenting journey with our biological son Mac just as we were dancing around the rim of our 40’s. And yes, our 40’s have proven to be a strong cup of coffee that we dove into headfirst, having no idea what the temperature was when we committed to the first big gulp.

Mac had just turned 1 and sleep was still an unfamiliar luxury in our house so the smart phone came in handy for nightly insomnia.  One night as I was thinking about our family’s future, feeling that little tug that has always been in my heart to adopt, I started snooping around on Rainbowkids.com, a website that is kind of an umbrella that catches pretty much all things adoption, the waiting kids, the country programs, the special needs info…all there in one place.  I was messing around with the photo-listing criteria and before you do the “search” you are supposed to pick what special needs your family could best handle…being a burn survivor myself and having had the past experience of working with kids that were burn survivors, I wondered if there were any burn survivors kids that need a family.  I unchecked every box except “Burns” and hit the SEARCH button.
In exactly 2 seconds I had a set of black eyes staring back at me and a very strong voice in my heart that said…"There is your answer, she is your WHY.”

Let me back up a bit and explain. You see, I am one of those people that have to be able to find a purpose in the twists and turns of life.  If something great happens, I want to translate it into a future purpose.  If something bad happens in my life, I can usually keep a pretty good attitude about it if I can manage to find a positive direction or up-side as a result. I know this strategy doesn’t always work and some tragedies never reveal a purpose or up-side. Good or bad, it is the way my brain processes life and I was a person that had an unresolved “tragedy” and my sense of being was frustrated by it.

When I was a 34 year old single woman, I found myself looking in the mirror and seeing a person whose neck, torso and arms literally looked like red, brown, black and bloody, half-cooked, half-raw ground beef…I wasn’t able to find much purpose or up-side in that state of being. I had cadaver skin stabled to my back and covering half my face and neck. My torso and lower arms were one giant open wound and it was hard for me to look at without getting woozy.

When I comically joked with my doctor at a bandage change appointment that I was really lucky since the accident could have taken my eyesight, he let out a big laugh…”Lucky! You are the unluckiest person I know!  You were on a beach with over 10,000 people and you were the only one that got blown up! You are actually quite unlucky!”

Well, life moved forward, the frustration in my being stayed the same.  Impatient me just wanted to know WHY – Why did I get burned – there must be a reason. I NEED there to be a reason!  After my recovery I spent a few years working with a camp here in Georgia for children that were burn survivors.  I fell in love with these little soldiers, they were so brave and resilient! They taught me how to move past a random accident and get on with life and most importantly – do it with a smile on my face! Those little angels turned me around and got me back in stride and I will treasure them forever for that gift.  I was able to move forward and see the good in my world at every turn but I still had restlessness inside of me about the “WHY”.  I know God must find me exhausting at times and surely wants to just shake me and scream “GIRL JUST LET IT GO and MOVE ON!”

I frequently had conversations with God, asking the same questions over and over…Why did I get burned? What do YOU want me to do with this? Did you really just want me to stop wearing a bikini?  Oh wait a minute – is this punishment for getting a breast lift a few years back!?! Well ya know what God, that is a bit frivolous and vindictive on your part! In all seriousness God, please let there be a better reason for me sitting here in my car and scratching my insanely itchy scars until blood runs through my shirt, wondering if I will ever be able to date again, ever get married, or ever have a family.

And as you know, I did get married and start a family and we had a life that gave me a thousand things to be thankful for every single day.  I didn’t have my WHY yet and sometimes I thought it was just one of those things that happen for no reason and I would have to stop picking at it – let it heal and move on.

I think God knew that I needed to struggle and fight and get frustrated trying to find the “WHY” so when he put it in front of me I would be so relieved that all common sense and logic would fly out the window and I would just take it and run full steam ahead!

Well, that is exactly what happened.  I saw those black eyes full of resolve staring right through to my soul.  She was the answer, she was the WHY. Her eyes were not begging (though her heart might have been), they were strong, they were certain; it was as if she was staring back at us saying – ok – so what are you waiting for?  I need a family that can love me the way I need to be loved…are you in or are you out – I need a simple yes or no.

Holy WOW – my husband was going to die of a heart attack at age 41 – I was 100% sure of it! But I had no choice – I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was asking our family to step forward for this little girl.  I knew that if we said “NO”, that God would find someone else to love her, but he was asking us first – there was a reason.  He put her front and center because he knew that our life experience would be what she needed to conquer life in spite of her burns.

I emailed the adoption agency – just an innocent inquiry and BAM! – her whole file was there the next morning with instructions for moving ahead with the adoption…HA!! – the adoption that was 100% non-existent in the mind of my husband.

I knew from my own recent experience that it would be hard for a child to overcome significant physical differences in our society saturated with perfect looking Disney princesses perched on every corner. Then doubt started flooding in like a tidal wave. We were 40-something new parents –a little late to this game!  Were we even capable of this type of parenting?  This isn’t patty-cake parenting we are talking about here. How would we help her navigate those really hard times that were guaranteed to come her way as she tried to grow up in a world surrounded by all things superficial. Maybe we would be horrible at meeting her needs and she would be better off with someone else – someone else that had parented a child with physical differences.  Heck – someone that had parented a child period!  We were total rookies!

Then I read her whole file, she was amazing, she was perfect, she had personality and charm and was loved by all! And then I got to THAT line…one line in her file that made this a “no turning back” situation.

The file was very detailed about her great progress in the orphanage school. She was the child that hit all her developmental milestones without a worry. She never got sick, she memorized poems and songs, she was very loved by all of her caretakers, they nicknamed “Little Sweetie”…then it said…(and this is really going to piss you off)…

"She is a smart girl although she is not pretty"

PARDON ME!!!  Did you really just say that about a child…you put it in writing on a permanent medical record!!! Who does that!?!? I would love to meet the ass that wrote something like that.  How unnecessary! How is that statement relevant to who this child is???

That was it, I was done – I gathered the information and gave it to my husband, this train needed to leave the station and soon!

After his head stopped spinning from trying to find out where exactly this freight train came from, he took the file I had printed out and read it and deliberated for about a week. Then finally one night he walked out of the bedroom and slapped the folder down on the table and said, “I think this is insane but I know it is what we are supposed to do – so just do it.”

We started the paper chase and met many great new friends in the adoption world that helped us navigate the steps. We sent about 6 care packages over to Luci during that year-long wait and we usually received pictures back of her surviving well in the only world she had ever known – the life of an orphan. A life where you share clothes, share food, share care-takers, share attention, share beds – nothing belongs to you, and you belong to no one.   A child would have to really fight to develop their own personal identity when every aspect of their life is a generalized group endeavor from eating to sleeping to basic acknowledgement from an adult.

Well fight she must have because when my mother and I arrived to meet Luci for the first time it was obvious, she was her own person.  That little 4 yearr old dressed in pink from head to toe stood there and sang us a song, did a dance, flashed her dimples…she was no shrinking violet!  There was of course some crying when this little brave one realized that her orphanage caretakers of 4 years were actually speaking the truth when they told her that I was her mommy and she was going to the USA.  She tried to put on a brave face but I think she realized that this day wasn’t a song and dance, it wasn’t a performance to get someone to smile at her – it was for real and it scared her.
After some consoling she decided that the funny sounding ladies that gave her candy and a much loved pink cupcake purse were at least tolerable and we all walked out of that room and went on with our lives.

She got a crash course in what it means to be a daughter in a real family that loves her and I got a crash course in being a 40 year old mom to a very creative and smart daughter. This was a new gig for both of us.

Luci has been a part of our family for a little over two years now and you may wonder why my recollections of our history include very little about her burns.  That is her “Special Need” after all  – that is her LABEL that her country chose to use to identify her with.  Burned Orphan.
Well let me tell you something – she isn’t “burned”…burned things are black and charred, ashen and brittle, they break at the least little tap.  Burned things are dark and weak.

THAT IS NOT WHO LUCI IS!  Not even close.  She is the opposite of all things burned.  She is bright and vibrant, she is filled with joy!  She is colorful and funny and strong.  When her life got hard she didn’t crumble, turn to dust and blow away in the wind…she found her resolve and put on a brave face and moved forward – scars and all.

No her special need is not her burn scars that cover her head and face.

Her special need is that she is a funny, artistic, drama queen – like most 6 year olds –  that had the misfortune of being stuck with a mamma that is unsympathetic to drama, lacks creativity and is a very bad artist.  Her special need is a dad that is incapable of saying “no” when he sees her dimples and a little brother that wants to play with her non-stop and always puts a big dent in her sticker collection. Her special need is that she is always quick to share candy with her brother and he hasn’t quite grasped the concept fully.

I will always be partial to kids that are burn survivors because they seem to have a strength and resilience that I don’t see in most adults.  They are the skills that we all really need in order to do this life well.  Traits that they were forced to develop at a very young age as a result of a tragedy that was no fault of their own.

Unfortunately without a family that loves them and gives them the support and strength they need, these little warriors will never reach their potential and that is the real tragedy.

A horrible accident early in Luci’s life resulted in her being an orphan and ultimately becoming a part of our family.  I wish I could make her burns go away, I wish she could have grown up in her birth family shared with them her joy, her love, her sparkling eyes and sweet dimples.  That is the way her life was supposed to be.  Then you grow up and realize that things don’t happen the way they are “supposed” to happen.

Adoption is a life lesson in moving forward – scars and all.

Our family can’t give Luci back the family and life she lost as a result of that horrible accident.  We can decide to move forward with her and try every day to give her the love and patience she needs to move forward herself. To help her have the strength and confidence in who she is and not see her scars as the attributes that define her.

Our whole family is so thankful that we were able to see clearly and truly see LUCI in that photo listing picture and say YES to when she needed us to step in and be there! Every day she goes about the business of being a happy little girl with no idea how much she is teaching everyone around her valuable lessons in strength, confidence, and patience. We needed her in our family as much as she needed us.

I think need to drop my burn doctor a little note telling him how very wrong he was about me being the unluckiest person he knew.

I am the luckiest girl in the world! I am Luci’s mom!

If this story has touched your heart please read about Anthony here and ask yourself what you can do for him. Could he be your son? Can you help to advocate for him? Can you pray for him? We can all do something. What part will you play in Anthony's story?

More Good News!

We get to announce more matches today! Yay!! It is one of our favorite things to do. A huge congratulations to these families! And to the sweet babies who are coming home: We wish you a life of love, joy, and fulfillment!

Meet Anthony

Anthony is a 12 year old boy who is very smart and does well in school. He goes to school off campus and his teacher spoke highly of him. His favorite subject is math. He has only been at the orphanage since 2010.

Anthony's medical need is scars from burns. He is undergoing treatment for the scars. The Superkids team met Anthony both in 2013 and 2014 and we are really excited that his file is prepared now!

July 2013

Anthony enjoyed playing video games on Gongzhan's iPad. He communicates well and comprehensively.

 This young man is so deserving of a loving family! Could he be your son? For more information about Anthony please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org.

Chinese New Year Party

Yesterday a bunch of Gladney families met at the Jing Fong restaurant in New York City to celebrate Chinese New Year and to honor our children's heritage together. As always it was a fun, joyous time.

There were crafts for the children...

A lion dance...

The Lion visiting with Gongzhan...
A ribbon dance, then ribbon dance lessons for anyone who wanted to try it.

There was lots of good food and conversation. It is always especially fun to see our little ones from China connecting with each other and playing together.

And, of course, there were the sweet moments for Superkids volunteers and Gladney staff of seeing children who came home recently. That is like the cherry on top of this type of celebration!

Flashback Friday {Erin}

Sometimes I like to close my eyes and think of China. I love to remember the smells, the sounds, the tastes (think Shanghai soup dumplings...), the sights... I love to remember the experiences, from the crazy train rides to the lavish dinners to the charades as I try to communicate. I love to think of the people I've met there, of the friendships I've formed.

But most of my memories revolve around the kids. I can feel them in my arms, grabbing my hand, or begging for a lollipop. I can hear their little voices, laughing, crying, and talking. And I remember special little things about each one.

Like the little girl who vacuumed the floor with a toy vacuum cleaner then said, "All clean!"

Or the older boy who told one of us that other kids at school laugh at him because he is from an orphanage.

Or the girl who loves scarves and accessories and made motions asking us if we had any make-up with us.

What about the little fellow who keeps snacks in his back pocket and carefully keeps his face cleaned while eating?

And the babies. Oh the babies! Who could forget the precious little babies!?

I could go on and on. I can't tell you about every child in one post. But I can keep telling you little bits about them, and you can tell someone else, and as we each do our part their stories will be told and heard! 

Happy, Happy News!

We have some matches to announce! We don't always need to advocate for all of our kiddos because sometimes we already have families in the program whose paperwork is at a place that they can be matched with children as soon as the file becomes available. Today we are celebrating two such matches. Congratulations to the beautiful children and the wonderful families! We are so excited for you!

Family Needed! {Ascher}

This is Ascher. He is sweet and beautiful and perfect. And there are families who would love to adopt him, but no one far enough along in the paperwork process to be matched with him.

So we need a family for this precious baby boy. He is not quite 2 years old and his special need is a repaired cleft lip and cleft palate. The Superkids team met him in 2013 when he was only 3 months old and again in 2014 when he was 17 months old. He is such a precious little guy who is healthy and doing great!

A family needs to have their dossier complete or already in China to be able to be matched with Ascher. Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information.