Amazing Olly

Look at this little fellow! Isn't he too cute? He is not quite two years old and is described as lively and energetic. He loves to laugh and is curious about new things.

Learning to walk! Sept. 2014
June 2014

June 2014

He likes to listen to music. Olly's favorite toys are a rocking horse and balls. He gets along well with other children and will share toys with others. He is walking well and running. He understands what is said to him and is learning to speak.

Sept. 2014
Olly's special need is congenital laryngeal stridor (a developmental issue with the cartilage of his respiratory tract and he is now doing fabulously!) and retarded growth. Even though he is small for his age he is catching up and developing well. Here is what one of his nurses says about him, "He is still small for his age, but growing fast and putting on weight. He has periods of being wheezy on and off, but generally it doesn't affect him, he runs, plays and participates in games like any other child!"

"Where is my family?" June 2014
The Superkids team met Olly in June of 2014 and is looking forward to getting to see him again in April. I expect we will scarcely recognize him if these pictures from June and September tell us anything!

Olly is a darling, loving little boy just waiting for a family of his own! Could Olly be your son?

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