Meet the April 2015 Team {Nancy}

I am so excited to be joining the SuperKids Asia team – I have to pinch myself sometimes so I know it is for real!  

My name is Nancy Dobson, and I have been a physical therapist since the early 1980’s.  I grew up in Mankato, MN as the daughter of two physical therapists.  My mom Barbara Lee Graham worked primarily with children, and became my inspiration to pursue a career in pediatric PT.  A friend of mine and I dreamed of opening a clinic for special needs children, and in 1991 we established Pediatric Therapy Services!  It has grown from a small one room clinic to a well-established facility in our region with a staff of over 25 (Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists) and support staff.   Every day we strive to “make a difference…one child at a time”.


My practice area has been fairly diverse, with more focus on children with CP, Developmental Delays, Musculoskeletal disorders and infants with torticollis.   I am blessed to work with a highly dedicated and skilled team of therapists– and I learn from them every day.  We have absolutely amazing kids and families that come through our door every day.  

I have gone on two mission trips to Panama with Mission Save a Smile ( Although the primary focus is dental care; I was able to work with a few children with physical impairments.  I helped educate their parents on therapeutic activities for their child, and with the help of my handy-man husband Joe, we were able to build a home-made stander from local materials for one little guy.

Outside of work, I love to bike, ran my first ½ marathon in 2014, and treasure any time spent with my family.  My 5 “kids” are all grown up now, and I am blessed to have 3 grandkids and inherited another 7 from my hubby.   I have a feeling there will be more grandbabies coming, which of course makes me happy!

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of this SuperKids Asia team.  I am hopeful and prayerful that God will use me in a meaningful way during our time in China.