Fuzhou {And the Superkids Team Drops Like Flies}

Wow! What a day yesterday was!

We went to the Fuzhou orphanage in the morning. We were met by very sweet staff and directors who had prepared carefully for our arrival. It was our first time there. They had prepared signs welcoming us and served us tea and snacks.

As they started to bring the babies in we looked at each other, impressed. These babies looked so well cared for! And there were lots of cute babies and kids, forty-one, to be exact. Which was all wonderful.


It started with Tanna and Keely in the morning before we left the hotel (Keith had his turn a couple of day ago), they were not feeling too well and knew it was going to be a hard day. A couple of hours later it hit Nancy and Darla. I'll let your imaginations fill in the rest. Just think of squattie potties and extreme stomach issues. I shouldn't need to say more. as the day wore on Erin and Gongzhan felt less and less well. By the time we finished the long day and mandatory dinner with orphanage officials April was the only one left standing.

Gongzhan toasting April.

Taken out of the window at the orphanage. It was so pretty!

Thankfully we are now finished with what we need to do. I've got to say. I'm proud of everyone. It was hard, but everyone dug deep and did what needed to be done.

We are all still weak and washed out today, but better. We separate to begin wending our separate ways home this afternoon. What a wonderful two weeks it has been!