Meet the April 2015 Team {April}

Hello all!  My name is April Uduhiri, and I may be a familiar name/face to some of you already – I’ve been working in Gladney’s NYC office as an Asia Program Caseworker for about 5 ½ years.

As a caseworker, I’ve been supporting the Superkids team for the last several years, before, during and after their trips to China.  I often help organize paperwork and photos, host webinars and talk to prospective adoptive parents about the kids available in the program as well as explaining what Superkids does!  Now, I am so excited to be able to go to China as part of the team for the first time!

One of my favorite aspects of working for Gladney’s China program is learning about the children and finding families for them – I am involved in a lot of the matching process and it is such an amazing thing to be able to talk to parents about the kids!  You can look at the matching process from two perspectives – finding children for families, and finding families for children.  Both of these perspectives are definitely important and necessary, but I have to admit that I lean more towards the viewpoint of finding families for children.  I love that Superkids helps us toward this goal!

And just for fun, if anyone is interested in a bit of personal info… I grew up in Manitoba, Canada until coming back to the US (I was born in the Midwest!) to go to college.  I moved around a bit after I graduated but ended up in Chicago completing a masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern U. and working for Safe Families, a crisis management program for at-risk families.  This was my introduction to working with kids and families and although my job could often get a little crazy, I loved the kind of impact I was able to have in families’ lives.  I left Chicago to move to NYC to work for Gladney (and to be closer to my then-boyfriend-now-husband!).

Currently, I live in downtown Manhattan with my husband, Reggie, and 17 month old son, Toby.  Having a young family in NYC might sound crazy to some people, but we love living here and couldn’t imagine life anywhere else! 

Some other random facts about me – in Chicago I was part of a Nordic choir which performed almost exclusively in Swedish – a language I don’t speak or understand!  I am an avid reader, I enjoy running (during prime weather conditions ONLY), and I am the proudest auntie to a total of 2 nephews and 3 nieces, one of which was adopted from Africa!

I can’t wait to share another blog post soon – next time from China!