Meet the April 2015 Team {Erin}

Hi everybody! My name is Erin Martin. In a lot of ways I feel like I'm speaking to a bunch of old friends here. This will be my third trip to China with Superkids and I'm so excited about visiting the children we have met before and meeting all the new little ones we will see! I just can't wait to see those precious little faces in person!

My role on the team is not quite as defined as some of the others. I am the photographer (though I'm excited to have another photographer, Keith, going on this trip), but I also get quite a bit of time to just connect with the children. Depending on their age we do different activities with them. Sometimes we roll a ball back and forth or blow bubbles. For older kids we print out pictures of them and maybe ask them to draw a self portrait by looking at the picture. Our goal is always to bring joy to the child and to make them feel treasured, special, and beautiful. Hopefully by providing them with pictures and mirrors these feelings can last and be remembered long after we leave. Of course this also gives me the benefit of learning a bit about each child's personality, which is such a joy to me, and a huge benefit when it comes time to advocate for each child!

I'm also largely the person behind this blog, although I'm planning to have everybody chip in while we are on the trip! Not that I've told all of them that yet...

Now a little about me. I'm a homeschooling mother of five. My husband and I have three biological sons, a daughter adopted from Kazakhstan in 2008, and a daughter adopted from China in 2012. I love being a mom and am so thankful for each of my kids. We stay pretty busy between school, music lessons, and just living life.

 My favorite hobby is photography. I love taking classes, practicing, and shooting anything that will be still enough for me to practice on. Thankfully I have some pretty willing models most of the time!

I can't wait to get to China again and I hope you will all follow along. It's going to be an exciting journey!