Moving On To Changsha

Here we all are!
We are now safely settled in a hotel in Changsha. Today was a full day! We saw a some children at Shanghai Children's Home (and loved on a few that we didn't officially see), had a bit of a tour of some of their facilities, did a little bit of sightseeing in Shanghai, and traveled to Changsha.

It is always a little sad to leave one city, but also exciting to move on to the next. We met so many lovely kids in Shanghai! Each of them has their own story, their own personality, and their own way of relating to their life circumstances. I really hope we can share their stories in an effective way over the coming weeks so that you all can learn to know them a little bit too.

Checking in at the airport

Let me just tell you a little bit about Grayson. You can read his post here. But let me tell you about meeting him. He is so eager to make connections with people! He has a gentle personality and was very sweet with the younger children. He quickly caught on as April and Tanna motioned for him to draw a self-portrait and he did a fabulous job. He included amazing details such as a row of rabbits across his sweater. As it was time for him to leave he waved to us and told us "Good-bye".