One of Those Days!

Anyone who has ever been on a Superkids trip knows the type of day I'm talking about. We met in the hotel lobby at 7. We saw children at one orphanage, traveled for 3 hours, had lunch, then saw more children in the afternoon. We then had a large dinner before arriving at our hotel around 8. By the time we had our little team meeting it was 10 PM, and we meet again at 7:30 tomorrow morning.

I want to show you why we do it. Here are a few of the reasons.


I always love seeing positive changes in some of our kids and  we were able to see that today. We were able to spend time playing with children who are less likely to be adopted. We gave help and advice to caregivers on how to care for children with various needs. We even gave a child who desperately needed some oral sensory input a vibrating toothbrush! :) 

And tomorrow we get to do it all over again!