Shanghai and Changsha {Week 1 Re-cap}

We are already at the end of the first week in China. So far we have seen 115 children. Our team has become a cohesive unit with each member filling their role pretty efficiently. Not only have we seen 115 children, but we have gotten a good evaluation of how each of those children are doing. We have had time to play with, cuddle, and take photos of each child.

It has been a good week, filled with every emotion, a few tears, and a lot of laughter. We have worked hard and loved much.

Tomorrow we will travel to the Jiangxi province. We will be traveling to several orphanages in Jiangxi the first few days of the week. We will then travel to Fuzhou, Fujian. This will be our first time visiting the orphanage there. I'm excited to see some familiar little faces in the next few days and to meet a lot more children