What a Difference a Day Makes

This morning we awoke, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed… eager for our first day at Changsha No. 1 Social Welfare Institute.  Tonight we finished up our team meeting at 10:00 PM to recap the day… exhausted and ready for sleep.  In the middle we met 45 amazing kids.  Yes, you read that right, 45 kiddos.

We saw kids ranging from 4 months old to 13 years old. Today was a complete whirl-wind of personalities—4 year olds laughing, 2 year olds cautiously holding on their nanny (a little nervous about the new people), 8 year olds making jokes, 1 year olds just starting to pull up and take steps on their own, 5 year olds proud they can write a few characters or even their name. I never cease to be in complete awe when I meet each child.  They are just so authentic, inspiring, resilient.  It makes you so stinking happy just to be around them because they are all so “in the moment.”

Our team is learning and growing each day to find the best way to capture this spirit:to meet these kids, to know these kids so that we can share them with you. Today each of us did our part to hear their stories (April), take beautiful pictures (Erin), join their world and play with them (Tanna), run, jump and play ball with them (Nancy), stack blocks and look at books (Me), evaluate their medical needs (Darla) organize, organize, organize (Keith), be the best tour guides and translators ever created (Rocky and Ashley) and keep things afloat with steadfast and fearless leadership (Gongzhan).

What a difference a day makes.  And we still have so much more to do!!!!