Another Face of Superkids

This morning I woke up thinking about one particular child we met in China. He was a teeny, tiny one year old boy with down syndrome. He wasn't tolerating eating very well and was way too thin. So I worry about him.

But I also think about the opportunity we have when we meet a child in need of additional support. I could see the pain and concern I felt when I saw him reflected in the faces of the other team members as they interacted with him. I saw the medical team request to speak to doctors. I saw them give practical suggestions for different ways to feed him to try to help him. I saw April cradle him and sing to him for as long as she could. We all did what we could in the moment to make a difference for this precious child. Because that teeny, tiny, adorable little boy matters! He needs us and we will do everything we can for him! That is what we do.

A lot of children that we meet are doing well, and we love seeing that! Their biggest need is a family and we advocate and most often have the joy of watching their family fall in love with them and excitedly bring them home.

But that is not every child's story. So we do what we can for each child. Sometimes that means arranging for them to be moved to another facility for medical care, sometimes that means educating caregivers, and sometimes it means taking equipment for them so that they can function better where they are. This is part of what Superkids does, too. It is a little more obscure, we don't blog about it all of the time, but it is an important part of who we are and what we do. 

Another day we met a little boy who had recently been abandoned. He would not eat and was quite malnourished. The medical team felt it was likely caused by trauma from abandonment. They thought maybe some oral stimulation would be helpful for him. It happened that I had a vibrating toothbrush in my suitcase so I went out to the van and unearthed the suitcase and found the toothbrush. And you know what? He liked it! Keely worked with him and, while I know she wished she had more time and better equipment, she got him to open his little mouth just a bit. So we left the caregivers with some tools to hopefully help that little one enough to get some nourishment into him. Because, again, he needs us and we will do everything we can for him! That is what we do.