Sweet, Playful Gwen

Gwen is a lovely 9 year old girl with an easy-going, playful personality.

She enjoys drawing and coloring. When we met her in April she loved playing ball with Tanna and the other children in the room. She colored pictures, wrote her name, and posed for pictures any time we asked. She was cheerful and sweet as the medical team did their evaluations. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy all of her interaction with us, and we certainly enjoyed interacting with her!

Gwen's favorite snacks are chocolate (a girl after my own heart here!) and candy. She is learning to roller skate. She is in a foster home and it is noted that she is very caring and will tell her foster grandparents to be careful when they are going out.

Gwen has a mass on the outside of her right eye and, while it is reported that it does not affect her vision, we did notice a seeming sensitivity to light.

She is in grade 3 at school. She is respectful to her teachers and gets along well with other children. Her speech is very quiet and, at times, difficult to understand.

Gwen is a precious child who needs a family of her own! Could she be your daughter?

Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information about Gwen!