Gentle Gayly

Gayly is a quiet, gentle 5 year old girl. She likes to dance, especially to her favorite song, "Little Apple".  She is especially happy when playing games with the other children.

She can count to 10 and follow simple directions. She attends the orphanage Kindergarten class where it is noted that she needs a lot of reinforcement when learning new concepts.

Gayly has post operative complex CHD and developmental delays. A Superkids volunteer is available to speak with families further about her needs.

When Gayly sees people she recognizes she greets them politely and will wave goodbye when it is time for them to leave. Her favorite toys are blocks, balls, and dolls.

Doesn't she sound like such a sweetheart? Could Gayly be your daughter?

Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information about adopting Gayly!