I know we are always telling you about how extraordinary this child or that child is. The thing is, we meet a lot of children, we meet a lot of amazing children, and today I'm going to introduce you to a truly extraordinary boy.

Landon is 12 years old. He is an outgoing, friendly little boy who gets along well with others. He is a really smart kid! When Keely was doing cognitive tests with him she asked him to say a sentence. He replied, "What sentence do you want me to say?" He quickly figured out how to use the ball pump and pumped up several balls for us. He loved watching the photo printer! He wanted, not only his picture printed, but wanted to be sure his friends saw how it worked as well.

Landon has spina bifida. He is in a wheelchair. He is totally independent with self care. He bathes himself, dresses himself, and takes care of other personal needs.

Landon is in 5th grade. He enjoys learning and does well in school. His favorite subject is math. He also likes to draw.

When we asked him to describe himself he used two words to do so "good boy." Isn't that sweet?

Landon needs a family to support him and help him reach his full potential! This kid could go so far!

Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information about adopting Landon.